Planning pregnancy and diet to avoid post-prandial spikes

Hi everyone,

I am new to this site, but hope to get some good advice!  I have had type 1 x 28 years, and I have a pump and a CGM.  I am currently trying to get pregnant, and my last HbA1c was 6.2%, but my doctor wants it less than 6%.  Most of my high numbers are post-prandial, and I'm having a really hard time figuring out what I can eat without my blood sugar going high afterwards.  Does anyone have advice about healthy, good meals or snacks that don't make your blood sugar too high?  Thanks!

Maybe something that will help...I have had type 1 for almost 16 years and I just learned that making sure you have protein with every meal really helps keep your bg down after eating.  Especially with something that is high in fat.  At least for me if I have something that is high in fat and don't have any protein then my bg will go up and stay up and it is hard to get them back down.  So like for instance I have this kettle corn popcorn that I LOVE (and not willing to give up) but it makes my bg go up and stay up so I spoke with my dietician and she suggested that I eat a couple of string cheese sticks before I have my popcorn and I have really noticed a difference.  So knowing that has helped me tremendously!  I also am TTC and my A1C is also 6.2, but my medical team is quite happy with that number.  My opinion of the doctors that say below 6 are a little extreme.  Because that means you are going to have to keep your numbers super low and have a lot of lows.  But that is only my opinion and I feel more than comfortable with trying with my 6.2 and so do my doctors.  But to each his own.

Hi there.  I've had T1 for over 20 years, and my last A1C was also 6.2%.  My endo and educator both told me that it was perfectly safe for me to try to get pregnant at 6.2%.  To control post-meal spikes, I've also learned to add protein, as Rose recommends.  For example, I love oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, but unless I add a big spoonful of peanut butter, I tend to spike afterwards.  Another thing that I recently discovered is that pumpernickle bread doesn't seem to make me spike.  Finally, pre-bolusing is really important for me, especially first thing in the morning.  I sometimes pre-bolus 40 minutes before I eat breakfast, and that seems to help.  I admit, though, that controlling the post-meal spike is very hard.  I look forward to hearing other ideas!   

hi everyone, i am 9 weeks pregnant and find that pre-bolusing helps as well as using the extended bolus for 3+ hours.