Plastic surgery

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So I have a random question and I am wondering if anyone has an answer for it. I have read post about people having general complaints about extra belly fat around the abdomen  (which I have a little of) and this does seem to have something to do with our T1. I was wondering if anyone has ever looked into getting some of plastic surgery to correct this issue (liposuction, tummy tuck, smart lipo......) ? If so, did the plastic surgeon have any problems operating on you or working with you because of the T1 ? I have tried to look this up online and haven't been able to get a definite answer. I know it might be a concern because of how much longer it takes us to heal and how we have a harder time fighting off infection, but I don't know if this would be something that would make a plastic surgeon not want to have your business. If anyone has any answers to my question I would like to hear it !!

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Courtney :)

I've never had abdominal surgery. However, I've had 2 jaw surgeries, 1 hand surgery, 2 hip bone surgeries, 1 c-section, 3 rhinoplasties (nose jobs), and 3 various surgeries (requiring anesthetic).  No, I've never had any of them shy away from me because of T1.  I've also never had infection, although the c-section doc gave me a stronger antibiotic because of T1. 

Personally, i think if a doc is nervous because of your T1, then they aren't the doc for you in the first place.  Find someone who is confident in their ablities and who has also had T1 patients.

i've had one plastic/reconstructive surgery on my neck and 20+ other surgeries for various, random other things. i've never had a problem with healing or anesthesia because if type 1. my blood sugars are usually higher for the day before a couple days after just because of nervousness, pain, illness, etc. but never something i couldn't control or developed complications because of.

personally, i'm all about avoiding surgery whenever possible. it's never pleasant.

if you think extra tummy fat might becaused by diabetes, having plastic surgery on it won't help. because you'll still have diabetes. the problem would be temporarily treated and then would (probably) come back over time.

of course, it's up to you to decide and make your own decisions. if you've never had surgery before, i would recommend not starting now. :o) just my opinion though.