So a friend of mine, well Im not sure if shes a friend now, lied to me. Or at least lied to my other friends so Im not sure what the truth is. She told me that she was raped quite a few times by her ex boyfriend, it started in January and stopped in late August, early september when she broke up with him. I gave her sympathy and told her that she needed to talk to someone other than me, because I had no idea what to do. For a while she wouldnt say nothing to nobody but me. I repeatedly told  her to tell her preacher, the cops, of the very least, her mother. But she wouldnt because she didnt want her mother to find out. The thing that bothered me about that is why not tell her mother and why tell me? I heard from someone who used to work with abused children that rape victims fear guys for a while.

Finally she told someone. Not the people I wanted her to tell. She told her fourteen and fifteen year old friends, a 41 year old friend, and her best friends. She told the people who couldnt help her. And she told them different stories.

She also had a habit of flirting with me, kissing me, and hitting on a 41 year old man (yes that same friend she told) and an 18 year old boy. Both people we know and work with. Sounds like a sick and twisted game. All of us that were her closest friend, broke contact with her and decided if she comes back to where we all worked at( a volunteer theatre) and started round 2, we were going to tell her mother whats going on. Sound like a good idea to you guys?

I think that sound like what u should do. I dont see y she would tell u and not her mom. i mean if a friend did that i would go to her mom and tell them what she told u. and than turn around and tell her other friend's a diffent story. I think just maybe if she came back a said that she was sorry for doing what she did maybe i would forgive her for what she had done