Please help me ladies!

hey fellow diabetics  :)

 alright so i've always been rather thin growing up, but ever since i was diagnosed 9 months ago i've been putting on some unwanted weight. this has made my self-confidence go down and i want to get back to the old me. i'm only 5'3'' and i think i've pretty much stopped growing because a lot of women in my family are short and i haven't grown in about 3 years. i'm not heavy at all right now. i just have a little extra that needs to come off, you know? i've heard that it's hard for type ones to lose weight because of insulin. like after i exercise, i run low so i have to eat. this makes no sense because aren't i just putting back the calories i've lost? i need help! i'm sort of depressed about all this and i just want to be back in my normal body weight. :(

Janie, I can tell you as a 15 years old girl. It is not easy to lose wight like you want to. I was De'xd when I was age 3 1/2. Just the last time I want to my diabetes doccter on the 3rd of this mouth. I was told I lost 9 pounds. I think what helped is I ate less and I did not eat as much as the stuff as i used too. I started out at 158 6 mouths ago and 3 mouths ago i started to loss wight I lost 2 puonds at 1st but I want back in 3 mouths and I lost 9 pounds that puts me at 149 right now. But I am 5"6 and most likey not going to grow any more. We did get a Will this year and I have been playing tennis and I just started to really play Boxing on the Will and I just truned Pro for Boxing. I hope that this helps you somewhat Janie, I kown how it is not likey the way you feel.

Weight is a problem a lot of diabetics, both men and women, experience when their control gets better and the body stops starving itself.

It is very un-healthy and not advised to simply "eat less", because your body does need carbs and calories to give it energy and by eating less you're actually starving your body so when you go back to eating normally once the weight is gone, you gain it all back. That's why diets you seen advertised on tv and such, don't work. It's all about moderation, not elimination and excerise.

Instead, if you are wanting to lose the weight you've put on, the best way is to eat healthy (not necessarily less or diets), and make sure you are getting enough exercise for the amount of calories you're eating everyday. also making sure you are taking the correct amount of insulin is very important too. taking more than your body needs can cause weight gain because it can make you want to eat more.

C is a really great person to talk to about nutrition, I would suggest shooting her a message either on the public forum or as a private message to discuss how you can change your eating habits (without it being dangerous like diets), how many calories you need to take in for your age, etc etc.

Losing weight for diabetics is not always easy but it can happen in a healthy way! I've lost probably about 5pounds of the 20 i gained in a 3month period after about a month and a half of excerising and keeping a closer eye on what i'm eating (aka not cutting out all junk food, but limiting myself more than I was before).

Also remember, everyone is beautiful how they are :) you may have been smaller before starting insulin, but that may have been because your body was lacking of insulin and burning off fat and not actually healthy. If you aren't suddenly overweight or anything, I would focus on toning the weight you have, rather than trying to lose it. (turning the fat into muscle essentially, which will make you feel better)

I don't think u should start worrying about ur weight. Especially at your age. Ur weight gain is probably a good thing. Ur body isn't starving anymore. The weight you're at now is probably a normal healthy weight for u. It's so hard being a female diabetic cuz we don't want the weight gain we get after starting insulin.

And it's not your weight that's affecting you. It's your self image. Learn to accept your body the way it is now. I've been from under 110 pounds at my smallest (and sickest) up to around 150 pounds at my heaviest. And you know what? Weight doesn't make any difference in your life. Your friends still like, fat skinny or anywhere in between. Your fam still loves you. You still do the same things. I've found men actually prefer me with more rather then less weight. In fact, when I was losing weight due to the untreated diabetes, I had guys tell me to stop losing weight cuz I was becoming unattractive. Cuz most guys love curves.

Don't sweat the small stuff. I know it's hard. I have problems with my body image most days. But there was a time that I just accepted and loved and was proud of my body and that's when I was the happiest. If you can believe that you r great the way u r, you'll be happy too. That "little extra" weight you think you have on... Keep it. Cuz you probably look better with it on anyways. :)

I was having the same problem. I talked to my doctor about it and he told me that if Im going to work out, the meal before I do I should give myself less insulin. Example: at dinner I normally get a 8 to 1 ratio of novalog, If I work out I give myself a 10 to 1 ratio. So if Im working out after dinner and I eat 50 carbs for dinner, I will take 5 units of novalog instead of 6 units. This works for me. Sometimes if I know Im going to work out for a long time or do something very strenuous I will do an 11 to 1 ration