Please help with supplies

Thank you for taking the time to read im in need of dexcom g5 senors as well as the older tandem infusion sets . the g5 senors can be expired .

Brittany, I was moved to the G6 and have a few boxes left for g4/g5. I am happy to send you some. Let me know if you still need them.

That will be great if you could send me the g5 sensors thank you

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I was wondering if you have any extra sensors for g4??? I know you offered to someone else first, so if you don’t have any extras I completely understand.
In need of 4 for my nephew who is newly diagnosed and waiting for insurance to approve it. He has to pay out of pocket and is 22 years old in college. I am giving him
My old dexcom 4 receiver but I don’t have any left over sensors.
Please let me know if you have extras :blush:

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