Please help :/

So I've been depressed since August-ish,and I've told my friends and I'm afraid to tell my parents because I feel like they're gonna treat me like a bigger disappointment than I already am,and I'm afraid to talk to the school counselor or a therapist because I feel like the counselors at our school are here just for the paychecks. I've come close to cutting myself so many times,and I always snap myself or scratch myself instead. I want help,I just don't know how to get help or where to go. I want to get better.

Hi Sarah, I understand your feelings, I too have felt depressed. I decided to go see a therapist and it has really helped me. I know it seems weird but it really helps. The counselors at your school can help you. I hope everything works out.

- Amanda

I know exactly how you feel... I deal with this everyday for as long as I can remember... if you ever need an open ear... send me an email -

Thanks Kaitlyn :) And I think I'll talk to one of the counselors at school monday

How have your blood sugars been overall?  If I have a bunch of highs it makes me feel terrible and can lead to depression.  You're very smart to talk to a counselor.  Do your best to keep blood sugars decent, get sleep and eat healthy too.  It will help you fight against the depression.

Also, listen to positive music, watch shows that inspire you, and hang out with your friends who encourage you.  This is little stuff, but it can make a difference if you are struggling.

I'm a parent and I know that your parents don't consider you a disappointment.  They may be frustrated with you, like parents and kids can sometimes get.  But know that your parents love you.  They may just need some help to understand what you need.  

Take care.  -Jenna

My blood sugar has been between 100-250 lately,and I try to get as much sleep as I can but I'm tired no matter how much sleep I get.

have you had your thyroid checked? That was happening to me when I first got diagnosed, i ended up having an underactive thyroid...

hope all works out

- amanda

You might try taking Vitamin D3. It could possibly help you in your case; it seems to be mild enough to treat this way. I usually take d3 to help with that. When I find myself at the end of the day feeling not so great I try and remember if I took it in the morning, the case is usually no. Not many studies have been conducted on the effect of Vitamin D on depression, but in those conducted people with significantly lower D count suffered from depression. The link can be made between the two suggesting Vitamin D may help in some cases. Vitamin D is not harmful and has shown evidence to provide many other benefits such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and influenza. It is worth a shot, good luck:)

I can really relate. My depression has really been awful the last month. I was pretty suicidal today. Feel free to message me of you want to talk

Went through something similiar a couple months back, I went to see a psychologist and psychiatrist. The psychiatrist prescribed anti depressants but I knew it wasn’t for me, i read somewhere that exercise and good blood sugar control help. I also felt horrible 2 weeks ago…wanted to end my life then and there but I told myself tomorrow is gonna be a better do…and I moved on