Please help

There is this boy where I go to school where I kinda like. But he thinks I stalk him because I walk past his classroom when I go to test. What should I do? He still believes I stalk him even though he knows I have type 1. Please help.

I would find a way to work the truth into the conversation. Maybe start talking to him and just be like "so I always see you when I walk by to my locker" or whatever 

I would just be honest with him and tell him you like him as a friend but there is a more important reason why you pass his classroom and if you are comfortable telling him the reason then do so if not keep it private.

I would just ignore the fact that he thinks that...

If it were me, I'd tell him how it is. If he is building it up that your diabetes really is you "stalking him," it seems a little self-centered to me. Next time you see him, or the next time he brings it up, tell him that it's bugging you that he keeps thinking that. Re-enforce the fact that you're going to test, and if he's in the class on your way there, you can't help it. Or maybe the next time you pass, if he looks up just wave your meter and roll your eyes :) (kidding)