Please just go away!

I have had diabetes since I was 3 almost 4( now 15) and I have got to say I'm worn out. I don't remember a life with out it and I am ready to be done. I am waiting for the day that they say "cured!!!!" come on who's with me on that?? I have been through ups and downs. I was in really good numbers till 5th grade when my parents gave me more responsibility. Bad idea. I was only like 9!!! My numbers went crazy and I didn't care because I didn't understand! When I started to understand I became depressed and now I am working on my way out of it. I am just so done. Anybody agree with me? Or know a way to keep my head in the right direction ?

Hey Kelsey.  I totally agree with you.  I just want diabetes to go away too.  I have found that volunteering my time/engery on positives (create a walk team for your local ADA or JDRF walk, helping other newly diagnosed kids, etc.) has really helped me cope with the negative aspects of living with type 1.   Let's face it, there are a lot of negatives... but working towards a cure is the only way we are going to beat this disease so that is how I choose to spend my time. 

I hope you realize from being out here on Juvenation that you are not alone.

ive had my ups and downs too. sometimes my numbers are good and sometimes...not so good. just remember were all in this fight together. sooner or later we will win the battle! ive got a friend that has diabetes and i talk to her whenever im stressed out about diabetes. she really helps and makes me feel a lot better. she makes me realize that im not the only one whose dealing with these problems. look for support from your family or friends, it helps me and might help you.


Although I have not had diabetes my whole life I can definitely relate to making it go away. Probably once or twice on a daily basis! The best thing you can do is just take a breather. Be proud of the things you accomplish. Set small goals for yourself and take baby steps at trying to make things work again.

Try contacting your CDE or doctor  on trying to help you get the right tools to get you pointed back in the right  direction that may help too. I have battling these same types of things lately myself and I am doing what i said above trying to set small goals first.

First goal: trying to log my blood sugars. It has been about 10 hours since I started and I have logged in 6 blood sugars and how many carbs and insulin dosage.

I guess I am headed in the right direction. Hopefully tomorrow I will do it again!


im sort of in the same position i dont kno anything but diabetes i was dxd when i was three. i was given almost full control when i was 7 but i let myself go until just recently when i started thinking about this newly diagnosed guy in my town he was my age and what if he found out that i am a horrible diabetic so in end 08 beg 09 my a1c was 8.9 i started eating better and checking more often and in may my a1c was 7.0 (my parents got me a i phone cause they were so proud) then i started changing my sites more often and in august of this year my a1c was down to 6.6. and i did it all by my self no parental help all i needed was a little inspiration from a newly diagnosed!!!!

although i was diagnosed not even a year ago, i totaly understand. it slows me down because i always have to stop to do something and a month ago my basal rate was raised but all that caused was even higher blood sugars.

I know Exactly how you feel. I've been having horrible numbers! I was diagnosed in when I was six, and I really have no idea what it was like without it. I have gotten a lot of sympathy form one VERY unexpected person...


My 2 1/2 year old cousin!!! One day he told me (after he checked my blood... he likes helping me check cuz sometimes i don't want to and he brightens up my day! :P) That he wanted to have diabetes too because it wasn't fair for Paigey... AWWW, I cried and then I told him he didn't want it, but I know, even though he's small, he'll always be suuuuper sympathetic!!!

I've had diabeties for 7 years. I want it GONE!!!!!!!!!!! Really if i could i would mach down to the place they're doing research at and be like, "FIND THE CURE!!! COME ON DUBBLE TIME!!!" but i'm too nice. Cursed niceness. But how long have they known about diabeties and what it does? Either it's really hard to find the cure or they aren't working hard enough.

No offence to people on here who really are trying to find the cure.


Hey Kelsey! We all want out diabetes to go away! It's a sad fact but at the moment, it's kind of hard to. You have just got to keep trying and pushing on further and further. Sometimes, it may not be easy but just remind  yourself that one day, you will never have to worry about that evr again. I mean, it stinks to have to wake up at 3 am to test blood sugar, make yourself bleed 10-12 times a day, count every carb that goes into your mouth, not enjoy candy as much anymore because it's usually used to count carbs, and live with the emotional responsiblity of it. I have had diabetes all my life and never once have gone eating without giving myself a shot or a bolus. It sucks more than anything but it's too bad. Just realize that one day there WILL be a cure and then we can eat ten times our weight. Have a good life... And use diabetes as a positive thing :D

hey kelsey!

im there with ya too. i wish they would just find a cure for this god for saken illness and cure us all!

i think we all went through a stage where we were sad and depressed. Mainly because we know were different from other people. I myself went through a phase here a year or two ago where i wouldnt take care of myself and ignore my diabetes. I tried to pretend i didnt have it for the longest time. I was depressed. For me, that is unusual, I am usually all happy-smiley. :D. My Hba1c raised like 5 numbers, i wouldnt bolus, i lost a lot of wieght because i refused to bolus.

Since then, i have come to terms with it and accepted that i will never have a normal life like what my friends have. For us diabetics, normal is poking our fingers 10 times a day and stabbign ourselves with needles. oh, i cant forget smelling insulin whenever we change our sites or give orselves a shot. lol

Im kinda burnt out on the whoel having diabetes thing too. Ive had it for over 10 years so i know what you mean. What keeps me going everyday taking care of myself, is my friends from camp (they're diabetic!) and my friends at school. I occasionally remind myself that it'll get better and hope that it does. Keeping a positive attitude about it is the key thing.

(i feel like i just wrote a report for english. lol)