Please pray for me ..... I need blessings

Hi there,
As u all know that I’m a newly diagnosed diabetic patient my sugar levels are not stable,they are going up and down and because of them I’m in hospital from today to Thursday as my sugar levels last nyt were only 35mg/DL … Hoping for the best and praying to god that I will recover soon! Please u all too pray for me … This is the first tym that I saw hospital … I want blessings from u all …

hi @dheer,

sorry to hear you had to go to the hospital. not my favorite place to be. it takes a long time to get that with diabetes, you are the doctor. with diabetes, there is no easy answers. with diabetes, it takes a long time to figure out that you can’t take 1 pill a day and be ok. it’s not like a headache or the flu.

if diabetes were a bicycle, it would be one you have to pedal, uphill, with the handbrakes on, forever. it can and will tire you out. there will be okay times, and there will be bad times.

ok so why not despair? we don’t give up because we love life and we come to terms that we will have to test and jab and test and eat like this forever. after a while you will get good at it, good enough to realize that diabetes is not what defines you, it’s just your own anchor to drag. everyone has some kind of anchor to drag. all of us have high and low blood sugar. that’s the deal, and thats what we do. if you are spiritual, then know that you have this disease to learn from it and perhaps grow, or teach, or help others. if you want to recover, then know that it will have to be by your own hand.

Thanks @joe for ur encouraging and supportive reply … Just keep writing on my posts

hi @dheer you’re not alone…you can ask me question about t1d… I’m using facebook

check it
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praying for you…get well soon