Plenty of obstacles

So this is the first time i'm reaching out for support I guess. I know many women with T1 struggle with their plans for pregnancy, I feel like I'm almost scaring myself out of trying. I'm super intimidated by how tight my control needs to be. Here's my situation.


I was diagnosed as T1 on 3.1.2009 right after my 25th birthday. Within 3 months I was fed up with shots and started with the Omnipod in june of 09. I had fantastic control within a few months and my A1C was down to 6.3. I was so proud. Fast forward a few months and I get diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease (a thyroid condition March or April of 2010) and that threw my control for a loop. At that point I was put on medication and I was starting to adjust again. Also, at this point my wife was 5 months pregnant , so of course she ate like the typical pregnant woman, but so did I. I thought once the pregnancy was over we'd stop eating the less healthy/cravey foods, but really our poor eating continued through the holidays.


Now here we are, Jan 2011. We have a healthy and happy 4 month old baby girl, and I'd like to try to start the first round of inseminations in Sept which gives me just a few months to get my act together. I've applied twice in 2 years for a CGM, and have been denied both times. First they said it was because I didn't qualify (which I understand because my control is not that bad) but once I submitted my personal note stating my intentions for pregnancy, they claimed they didn't have any proof that i was T1 as opposed to T2 (which is complete crap because they have access to all of my records and its clearly documented via a c-peptide test and an autoantibody test). I've recently submitted my appeal to the NY State Insurance department as an external appeal and should be hearing from them in the next month or two.


I'm just so intimidated at how tight my control needs to be. I'm more than willing to do all of the work, but I wan't to be a in a place of firm control before I try anything. I'm pretty sure that right now my A1C is above 7 which makes me absolutely furious with myself, but life happens, and we're still adjusting to our new life with our baby. I think I've cut myself a little too much slack. However I have been making an effort since the new year began, and am confident that I'll keep myself on a much better track.


Wondering if there are any other lesbian T1s that are going through anything similar, I just feel like no one understands. Also wondering if anyone can recommend a high risk ob-gyn in queens, nassau.



Although I was diagnosed as T1 23 years ago... I also was diagnosed with Hashimoto's. It is very common that the 2 conditions occur together as it is though the same autoimmune process cases both. The only issue I have had in all 3 of my pregnancies is that my thyroid needs increased, but that is common for ANY woman, not just diabetics.

My 2 cents.. STOP being so hard on yourself!! NO pregnancy will be perfect... and yes, I am sure all of us diabetic women wish we could have a normal pregnancy where we had permission to eat whatever we like and not give a second thought to it. But alas, that is not our reality, and it is not worth the risk to the baby. The truth is, your sugars will be hard to control, despite your best efforts sometimes. Stressing yourself out will only make it worse as your sugars will respond to it. When I have had a bad day, when I test and Im 200 and feel like I am harming my baby., all I can do is my best, and bring it down as quick and as best I can... And when I start to freak out, I just think about all the women out there who have yet to be diagnosed with T2 or gestational who have NO idea what their BG is and they have perfect babies regardless. 

Good luck! 

thanks so much for your response. i tend to be a little bit over critical of myself in many areas of my life, but i will certainly take your advice and i'll try to stop  being so hard on myself. its really easy for me to freak out now, since its still a few months away from any chance of getting pregnant, but I'll do my best to stay calm and stay focused and not beat myself up. i appreciate your kind words. congrats on your family!!

Hi Amy!

I am in NYC too.  I can't reccomend someone in Queens, but I have a great high-risk OBGYN in Manhattan at St. Luke's/Roosevelt Hospital (59th/10th) - Dr. Barack Roseann. He runs the diabetes in pregnancy program at St. Luke's/Roosevelt.  He is an expert in managing type 1 diabetes in pregnancy.  I like him better and think that he is more skilled at helping me manage my diabetes than any endocrinologist or diabetes educator that I've ever met with.

I went to the St. Luke's/Roosevelt Hospital diabetes in pregnancy program when I was trying to get my control perfect enough to concieve, and they really helped.  I had several pre-conception visits with them and couldnt have gotten my A1C down without them.