Plush Pancreas

Has anyone else seen these little Pancrei (is that the plural of Pancreas???)

i think it would be fun to take one on a trip and take pictures of everywhere you go with it in the pics :) 

Anyone else want one? or am i the only crazy person?

I want one :-) hahaha! Maybe we're both crazy :-)

haha no but now i want one.. haha thats really cute... :)

/WANT!!!! If we get these I say we start a thing on here or on fb for the plushie pancrei!!!!! :D

haha. that's great. one somehow showed up on my last d-meetup in missouri. not sure where it even came from. but that's a great idea! instead of the amelie/travelocity gnome, we'd have the stuffed pancreas :o)

Omg! those are so cute!

Have you seen GIANTmicrobes? they are little plush germs and sometimes they have different types of plush human cells. Check em out, they r so cute for little buggers.