Plz plz read

Hello I am new to this site. I am looking for someone to actually read what I am posting and any advice or thought and words of encouragement will be so graciously accepted.

I have been t1d for almost 19 yrs now and from age 18 to 27 I really didn't have great control. No insurance made it hard. Well, since last Halloween I've been pretty strict with myself in hopes of pregnancy one day. Currently I am trying not to stress myself out bc I have been experiencing a lot of Prego symptoms well I think so. Hoping I'm not tricking myself into belief that is. I don't get cramps until af starts and my af has always been super heavy and 8-9 days long. Jul. 03,2012 I had a two day at and so light only had blood when I wiped. Tmi sorry. Anuwho, 6 DPO I had real light cramps and felt wet. I check nope but a lot of discharge and no its not infection. The next day I am nauseated all day and at night I all of the sudden feel that I'm gonna vomit like when my sugars were way to high in the past. I check sugar it was 116. I have been having this now for three days. Also, just before the nausea I get light headed and once my hubby had to catch me. At every off feeling I test myself and its never over 190. I have darker nipples the sorest breast and lower pelvic hard. I know a lot of people on other forums telling me well just wait til af is late. Well, thinking u all will understand I want to have the best prenatal I can give. Does anyone feel I may actually be Prego? Or am I stressing myself hard core? I am too early to test af not due til 07/31. And my dr won't see me for blood test until I have pos pee test.please I need someone to lean on.

It's impossible to know.  I'd do an early pregnancy test and see what the result is.  Pregnancy tests will sometimes not detect a pregnancy early on, but they don't give false positives.  

Hi Kelly.  I think you just need to be patient.  Try not to read too much in your pregnancy symptoms... sometimes our minds can make our bodies play tricks on us.   I do hope you are pregnant, but I was one of those people who took 15 months to get pregnant - and had 14 months of disappointment.    Hopefully by the end of the week you know one way or the other.   Good luck!!

Keep busy.   And jennagrant was right, an early test might give a false negative, but if by chance it is positive, that is that much quicker that you know for sure.  Keep us posted...thinking about you!

I have been see-sawing with the idea of taking an early test. I'd hate to see it negative. Though, I know it could be false negative. But, if it is positive now id feel so much better bc I really want to see a dr. So I can have awesome prenatal care. Plus, I have been terrified lately. I have started having these spells that feel like my blood sugar has bottomed out real fast. I have fainted or cone close to three times. I start shoving food in my mouth and check my blood sugar as first as its happening. Never has my blood sugar been lower than 100 every time. It happened last night my fiance called from work to see how id been feeling and I was so scared o couldn't form words. He rushed home and all I could do was ball my eyes out. I wouldn't leave the bed with the fear of fainting. I can't figure out where its coming from.

I'd just keep the best control you can. But, don't worry about not getting into see a doctor. I called my MFM as soon as I got a positive test, and they said, "Come in at 8 weeks." I as like, "But, I have type 1?!" -- nope still had to wait. I think I spoke to the endo on the phone and saw him at 6 or 7 weeks. So, don't worry about missing out on any medical care. Fingers crossed for you! My mind definitely made up I was preggo one month before I actually was -- it's a stressful thing waiting and wondering!

Any news?

Nope still 5 days before af is due. Though, I feel like utter crap, and my fiance says he truly feels I am. Also, I have never had my boobs this big before and they grew so quickly too. I had whole body aches and cramps last night. So, I'm going to test 08/01 if af doesn't show

Kelly- I think you should be in contact with your Endo asap. I had crazy things going on with my BG's except mine were actually dropping very low. I had a 26 as one of my lowest and 20 something lows in about a week to 2 week span. I also had other weird things going on with my body that made me question a pregnancy. I, however am not pregnant -yet. The reason for my crazy bg's was that I was getting in great control of my diabetes. I found so much more peace knowing that he was aware of what was going on and helped me even back out. Your endo may even put the pressure on your OB to get you in sooner to see what is going on, especially if it is affecting your diabetes.

Good luck!