PMS and Blood Sugers

have any of you noticed wacky numbers for you teens (for the girls) around that time of the month? 

My daughter is 13, and when it comes to that time of the month watch out!  Some months we can not get her below 250, then the next month we struggle to keep her above 80!  It is so frustrating!  When I think I can figure out a temp basal rate for her highs the next month her body laughs at me and says take this one!  Her doctor says this is normal (yea let her deal with it for a change) and as she gets older it should level out, at least decide if she is going to be high or low, or at least a pattern.

yeah, thats what I figured. I didn't ask the endo a few weeks ago I was to worried about A1C and what to do about her not checking and eating like crazy. I though he was going to get on us, but he said that was also normal and to bump her from .80 to .90 in the afternoons to help keep her lower. but since she had that seizure he does not want us to let her get to low so it won't happen again.

My daughter is not there, but I'm sure it's just around the corner.  I have heard from other families that the birth control pill can help level out their numbers.

Our daughter has not yet started but she does get moody and her b/s are "wacky" when I am PMSing.  Her b/s spike and we are unable to get them down for a whole week.  we are looking at getting a cgm to help level her b/s during that time.

Yes, my daughter goes up in the 200-300's right around that time of the month!  It's really tough to keep the #s low.  Not sure how you keep your daughter's insulin cool, but I use a Frio Wallet, which is an evaporative cooler and it stays cool for up to 45 hrs w/o refrigeration.  I just started an online business to sell them and help other parents, like me, you can check out my website @   We use it everyday!!