Pod Question on Bathing

Hello all! I will keep this post short as I am pondering on whether this will be an issue or not before lunch. I took a semi hot shower (not scalding), maybe for about 10-15 minutes, and I came out feeling refreshed of course. However, I just noticed moisture or condensation (same thing, right?) in my pod window. I wear the Omnipod Dash and I have noticed this before on my other pod windows, but it’s been a long time since this concerned me. My blood sugars haven’t been the greatest since I’ve changed my pod yesterday evening, but I’ve had no ketones. I had one good 85 after dinner last night, so I know the pod is working. The pod site is on my stomach! I seem to have a hit or miss with good range blood sugars here lately.

However, is this something to be concerned about? The moisture seems to stay and never going away where I can’t see the blue cannula. I am very consistent with pod changes if blood sugar seems elevated, but is this normal to happen after showers? I know it’s not just the Omnipod Dash that experiences it in the window, but also the variety of other pods where you normally see the cannula. I will provide a photo and please be aware, this photo is to show the moisture in it and not used for any other reason. Thank you for all your advice for me! I look forward to seeing the replies. CGM has been reading 180-199 since I’ve eaten breakfast, so I can tell I might have not chosen a good choice of Jimmy Dean’s sausage biscuits to eat.

Here is an update. I’ve been constantly thirsty since last night, had high readings since last night, and so I decided to change my pod. This is the result of taking my pod off… Has anyone else seen this kind of pattern on their skin, especially on their stomach area?

Hi @hanstan, that viewing window is clear plastic and allows you to see the area where the cannula tubing enters your skin. Since it’s a “void” or empty area, and I can’t tell by the pod user manual but it sure looks to me like a trapped space between your skin and the plastic parts of the pod, any changes in temperature could cause it to condense moisture. So if you were to get it hot, when it cools down it could make drops and cloud up that window.

The Mark looks more like the infusion site broke a skin capillary and blead a little.

I think it was a good choice to change it when you did. If the Mark hurts or doesn’t go away or becomes infected please show it to a medical person. Cheers good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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