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Hi All,

I have been a type 1 diabetic for 28 years.  It took me a long time to try an insulin pump (2006) and my first one was the medtronic.  I started using the omnipod a year ago and I love it.  There are a couple of draw backs for me.  First I do 2 exercise classes a day and they fall off easy because of sweat.  I do use skin tac wipe but someitme it just comes off.  I have also had many issues with occlusion errors on my PDM and having to get up in the middle of the night to change out my pod?  Any body else have these issues? 

I have been WAITING for the smaller pods and improved PDM to be released for 2012 but it looks like maybe 2013.  I also need some imput on other sites to wear the pod.  I wear it on my upper and lower abs, lower back and butt.  I haven't tried my arms or legs yet though just scared it will be too bulky or rip off. 

I love that I have finally found this site.  I would love to hear from some more users and their experiences.


Thank YOU


Hi Sylvia,

I know exactly what your talking about with the pod falling off. I play three varsity sports at my high school and the pod was having a lot of issues staying on. My mom found this strong adhesive for me to use when I'm in heavy sports. First you have a bottle that acts has the adhesive mine's called (mastisol) and then you can use detachol to take off you pod. For me it's worked great. I don't know if you need that level of adhesive but if you do I would definitely say that it's worth a try!

As for the errors I've been getting a lot of those recently. The only advice I have on them is to call the company and have them replace the pods that malfunctioned.  Fingers crossed for smaller pods and improved PDM!