ok the 1st thing is that i hate it when these things fall off during a workout and 2nd, werent they supposed to get smaller like 3 months ago?

FDA has gotten stricter about approving new products/devices so the smaller pod won't be out until later this year, maybe early next year. Probably next year.

Have you tried any of the adhesive enhancers or tapes with your pod? There's a list on the website.

I use Skin Tac and I also use an X- large Band Aid Tough Strips to put over it just for extra piece of mind.  They stayed on during the heavy "sweat days" last summer and I live in Oklahoma with 100 deg temp and high humidity.  They didn't come off until I pulled them off. 

it does take time for things to be researched it may not work who knows when it will come out.

We use skin prep for my daughter, however we just found out that they have been recalled by the manufacture, now we  have to find something else.

I've never had a pod fall off except when I put one on right after a shower.  I use Smith & Nephew Opsite Flexifix tape.  One roll lasts at least one shipment if not two.  The only prep I use is an alcohol pad.