Polar Bear Plunge 2010

I'm not sure if this is where I'm supposed to write this, but I guess I can move it into a discussion forum if no one reads or donates here.

For the 4th year in a row, I'm participating in the Maryland State Police Polar Bear Plunge benefiting Special Olympics Maryland. This happens on the last Saturday of January (January 30, 2010) and it is when thousands of people (myself included) brave the below-freezing temperatures and 'plunge' into the Chesapeake Bay. Also for the 2nd year in a row, I will be plunging in memory of my friend David's daughter Amanda. Amanda was a special needs child who died when she was 10.

So anyway, the purpose of me writing this is to ask for donations. Last year I raised over $2,000 from friends and colleagues. My goal this year is $2,500, but I understand if I don't hit that. I know that my friends aren't made of money haha. This is also fun for me because I get to dress up. The first year I did it, I wore these hideous Madras pants...you know, they look like a table cloth? The next year I took a page from the movie '300' and was a Spartan. Last year I was a Chippendale dancer and this year I'm planning on going as a Smurf...blue body paint included.

Below is a link to my personal donation page. Anything you can spare is more than appreciated. I thank you in advance and will post previous years' pics below as well.


Thanks again and let me know if you have any questions,


Sorry to poke fun, but anyone else notice the existance of photographic evidence that Pat actually wears a shirt is still MIA? Including on his personal page.


But on a serious note, really cool cause, especially to branch out to others and not just diabetes like so many of us do. For that, Kudos - I hope it goes really well for you!

I can't wear a shirt into the water! Who wears shirts in January? Hehe. Also, if anyone is on Facebook and is not yet my friend (even if you don't want to be) the Facebook group is "Pat's Polar Bear Plunge 2010." You will also find the groups from 2008 and 2009 :)

Got plenty of time between now and Jan 30 but I wanted to see if anyone here would contribute since it's tough to raise all that $ without corporate sponsorships. I've hit my mark the last couple years with $10-$100 donations from 70+ people. Hoping to do it again with your help.

Thanks for the support, Alyssa


Less than 2 months to go for this and I've raised about $640 as of last night.

New URL for donor page too:


/For those who click the link, I have also changed my goal to $1500 given the economy and peoples' respective financial situations

we have a polar plunge on campus! they found a body in the water a couple years ago after the plunge... that was a little gross. i don't think our plunge raises money for anything though.

yeah they are a little safer than I imagine that would be. you're only allowed to be in the water for 5 minutes at the most since it's usually about 33º. i'll sit and swim out to the rescue divers. always fun to get pics with them.

gonna donate? <3

[quote user="Pat"]

gonna donate? <3



i did. i think the special olympics is a great cause. i have family members who participate every year.


the  body they found in the lake had been there a few days. it was a student who had been missing. all the people in the water stirred things up and he was found.

i got it. thank you very much :)

inadvertently facebook stalked you trying to figure out who you were when i saw the donation report :)

thanks again

i'm pretty sure you would have stalked me anyway. i'm pretty awesome.

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i'm pretty sure you would have stalked me anyway. i'm pretty awesome.


Hey, I thought I was your stalker. ROFL


I promise I won't steal anyone's stalker title haha. Thanks again :)

Also thanks to Sandi for donating too! :D

My pleasure, Pat.  Good cause...  Best of luck to you!

at $775 now....more than halfway to the goal of $1500 :D

$845 :)

last bump hopefully...$1465.69!

$34.31 left til I hit my goal of $1500

donate if you want and help me surpass it!


can i just ask how you managed to get 69 cents?

[quote user="C"]

can i just ask how you managed to get 69 cents?


one of the guys I work with donated $25.01 to be able to say that he donated more than another guy I work with who donated $25 even.

Then another friend of mine donated $20.68 to get it to .69 for obvious reasons. I have fun friends :)

I'm going to keep bumping this til the event happens. I got greedy for charity and just raised my goal to $3000!

Am presently sitting at $2450.69...

Benefits Special Olympics Maryland and is tax deductible!


Please help me out...this is the one crazy awesome thing I get to do for charity each year..

Thanks so much!


Are you still planning on being a Smurf? Or will people think you are an alien from Avatar? Cool either way... :)