Polar Bear Plunge 2011!

Apparently my ass is a hot topic. :)

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Don't see why the sequined speedo and chaps could not be worn together! Makes everybody happy! ;)


i like you

Fantastic!!!  Thanks for filling me in! 

$65 away from goal :)

Thanks for donating Kim :)

You bet!  Have fun freezing your hiney off.

Woohoo! So the Plunge happened this last Saturday (1/29/11) and boy was it cold. Water temperature was a balmy 33º and the air was not much warmer (if warmer at all). Anyway, with your help, I raised $1620 for Special Olympics Maryland. So, as promised, here are some pics from Saturday:

This is the snow-covered beach that we got to cross before getting into the water

Our team : Constellation Energy / BGE

Yours truly and his Dad. We did not mean to dress the same

Team mate (Jacki) and I in the water

Smaller Group Pic - Why am I the only one without shoes?