Poll! What Type of Pump Does Everyone Have?

I'm getting an Omnipod tomorrow! Anyway,I'm curious as to know what type of pump everyone has.


Medtronic Minimed 722

Animas Ping


 Do you like the omnipod??

MM Revel 523

I really do. It's my first pump, and it's really working for me.

Medtronic Revel 522

medtronic minimed  722

medtronic minimed  Paradigm & CGM. Been with Medtronic 10 years. Model #3

Right now I'm using a Cosmo but I just got my Paradigm yesterday in the mail

Minimed 522

deltec cozmo

I have the MM 723 + CGM

MM 523 & cgm.  I want to try dexcom cgm now!

Dan, seriously mate, I just got off the Dexcom CGM.  With my old insulin pump on my belt and my Dexcom on my belt, I felt just like BatMan wearing the Batbelt.  I was faced with what you are going through and I upgraded with MM with there pardime program to there much much better pump the 723 (it gives you a predictive alert of about 30 minutes, so you will hardly ever, if ever, have a low or a high... one of my favorite things about the 723).  It has so many other sick features that you and your educator can set. You will love it.  The current MM CGM is good, you can't wear it for 7 days like the Dexcom... sure.  BUT the new MM CGM (iPro 2) avaliable from where I'm from, London and in many other countries, it just needs FDA approval but you can wear it for 7 days, very tiny needle (I'm a very lean person and the current CGM needlles hurt especially because I'm so active, this needle does not bother me and transmitter (CGM connected to the needle in your skin) gives loads of info to your Dr. My friends overseas that have it.  I tried on thers...  Like night and day, mate.  

Look up Medtronic CGM IPRO2 and read Medtronic's sight.  Sorry so long winded...  But I really feel like you should know what I went through and what my friends who have the iPro2 are saying, so you will not half to go through all the bloody mess I went through.

Feel free to contact me if you wanna,


Here we go with another FDA delay.  Why are they so slow.  The cgm I currently have from medtronics is not that accurate.  And it does feel like I am wearing a nail in my belly.  This morning it constantly was saying I was low and I was normal, according to finger stick test.   I chose the medtronic paridigm 523 and cgm because they work together and much less to have to carry, but have read alot of posts since how much more reliable dexcom is.  I hope this new device is approved quickly.  It sounds very appealing.  I guess my question is whom is the fda protecting?  This device works?  OK.

OH, LOOK it was approved in November.  Time to give Medtronics a call

Nope, sorry there, that was for either the iPro 1 or for the iPro 2 international release.  I know what you mean about nails in your belly, mate.  I've got to do them in my hip... so it can't be seen without my shirt...for work sorta. So, believe me, I'm watching out for that smaller needle.  And the FDA, yeah right...  Who are they protecting.  But my couple of friends in the UK love the new iPro 2 as its the size of a shot needle, can be left in for 6 days and has a whole lot more to tell your doctor.


I just joined this site bout a week ago, fairly shy bout what to say...but want to get involved with... well living longer.  You know...  

No support groups in Mississippi.