Polyhydramnios- AKA my baby's got an olympic sized pool in there

Had an u/s yesterday and baby boy is measuring big- no surprise there, I was destined to have big babies.  My last A1c was a 4.7% so they can't blame diabetes control and didn't even try for once.  He is in the 75% with a big head and big tummy- again, I am not surprised, same as my first son.  Only difference is that my A1c is WAY better this time.

I was a bit surprised to learn that I have a lot of fluid.  Doctor said, yet again, we cannot contribute this to diabetes control but it is something we have to watch.  With all the extra fluid and Ollie's size, I am measuring full term.  Did I mention that I am 31 wks?  And measuring FULL TERM!  So, at Christmas, I will feel like someone who is 6 wks overdue while chasing a 3 year old little guy around.  Fun! (please sense the sarcasm).

Anyone else have extra fluid? 

I didn't know in advance that I had extra fluid, but when my water broke at the hospital it was like a waterfall and the nurses commented that extra fluid is common in diabetic pregnancies.  I also had a good A1c (not as good as yours, but a 5.1) but have since learned that the extra fluid can happen in both well controlled and not well controlled diabetic moms.

In hindsight the extra fluid made sense.  I was hugely pregnant (looked like a beach ball with legs, but so had my non-diabetic mom when she was expecting).  Several co-workers were pregnant at the same time and complained of feeling their breathing constricted or feeling like the baby's foot was in their ribs.  I never experienced any of that because there was so much fluid my son had plenty or room to move.  

The extra fluid caused me no problems and my son is totally healthy.  It was just one of those odd little pregnancy things.

I have extra fluid too Rachel...I think it measured 23-24.  They say normal is 8-18.  But hey is anything in being a diabetic "normal".  Yeah I am measuring big...I am measuring 37+ weeks and I am only 34.  My OB said that as long as the slightly elevated numbers remain consisetant she isn't too worried.  If they were to take a huge jump or dip then she would do some more monitoring.  The part that sucks is that even though diabetics that work really hard and have wonderful A1C's are still diabetics and that puts our systems in jeapordy.  My specialist also said that it depends on the baby...he said that some babies metablolize the sugar faster than others.  

I was always borderline high. I remember them telling me (not sure which week, I wanna say 36 weeks and a few days) that anything over "18" for amniotic fluid was high and I was 18.75 or something like that. But it wasn't high enough that the dr. felt it was dangerous. They broke my water at the hospital after I was induced and I remember it felt like a massive gush. LOL And it kept leaking for a while. The nurse also made a comment that I was losing a lot of fluid.