Posible complication?

Is there a posibility of loseing the use of my legs because of high or low blood sugars? Or a mix of the two? Iv been in alot of pain and unable tomove my legs and i know arthritis could be the casue but a friend asked me if my diabeties could also be a factor. Yes my sugars have been out of wack because of high stress and being sick.

complications can arise even with control blood sugars, but to many highs or lows add to the chances.

I would call your endo and book an appointment to see them asap about it.

I agree with Batts. With the great majority of diabetics, having an A1c of 6.5 or less, and avoiding lots of highs and lows that can be damaging, will make it very likely that complications will not occur. There are exceptions when good control is not a guarantee, and complications do occur. That is why we should all do our very best to have a low and stable BG control.

Even when complications do appear, they can usually be reversed by improving control as much as possible. I had some retinopathy and some neuropathy several years ago. I tightened my control and stopped having so many highs and lows. I had been having A1c's below 6.0 for many years prior to that time, but the complications still appeared. It was the frequent highs and lows that caused my problem. The tighter control solved my problem and all the symptoms of my retinopathy and neuropathy disappeared. I have had no problems for three years.

Your problem with your legs may not be due to diabetes, but if it is you can probably reverse the problem by tightening your control as much as possible. That may require much work and much patience, but I hope you agree it is worth the effort.

From what I've always heard, it's the highs that lead to neuropathy, not the lows (although those can have other problems!)??


There is a type of auto-immune arthritis, and you're at an increased risk b/c you already have an auto-immune disease, T1. I'd start with the endo first, but you may end up seeing a rheumotologist...

Good luck, and I hope you get this figured out soon! I'd imagine the chances are very high that the doctors can provide you treatment and you won't be losing use of your legs!!!!

Daniela, I just checked your profile, and you were diagnosed so recently, I'd imagine the chances are low you already have neuropathy. Anything is possible, but it seems unlikely.

I wonder if you're having trouble with your numbers b/c your honeymoon period is ending. I'd ask the endo, and also do a search on Juvenation b/c there have been a lot of threads about the difficulty of transitioning out of that period.

I too was diagnosed with type 1 recently (five months ago) and I already have experienced pain in my toes when my blood sugar stays high for hours.

I havent had a honeymoon perioud yet and my doctors not realy careing about it so ive called my endo to see him. I dont just have T1 wich is why theres more concerne for me catching other things. I have 3 endo related conditions and it started with my thyroid, t1 then ciliacs disease. ill keep everyone posted but the doctor i talked to in the hospital has me going in for blood work befor i see my endo.