Positive antibodies for type 1, not insulin dependent yet

A few weeks ago my 3.5 year old son was diagnosed with type 1, but he is not on insulin yet. He was hospitalized for a few days because his blood sugar was 350, but while in the hospital his blood sugar levels weren't so crazy, so they did antibody tests before starting him on any insulin. About 3 weeks ago we found out the results, the antibodies were positive (the IAA test result was 20, normal is 0-5. Anti GAD Antibodies came out to .8, normal is under .5, and the Antipancreatic Islet Cells test came out to 1:256, normal is 1:1). His numbers haven't been so bad, the highest in the past 2 weeks was 220. We were told with little kids, it could take a few weeks before becoming insulin dependent,  but it's already been a few weeks since we found out. Of course, this make me think 'What if the test was a mistake, what if he won't end up needing insulin', but whenever I start thinking like that, he usually ends up getting a higher sugar level on his next test, like his little body is saying 'Yeah, there is something wrong here'. I hate not knowing. Not knowing when his pancreas will eventually not produce insulin anymore. But on the other hand, at least we know what we know and will know at what point we need to call his endo. because his numbers are going crazy. Also, at times, his sugar levels can be pretty low even when we give him a healthy snack (a few days ago his morning number was 68 and his number before lunch was 59). I'm waiting for a response from his doctor to find out why he does get low numbers if he's not on insulin yet, but does anyone know why he can get low numbers? Can it just be that his pancreas is losing function and just puts out too much insulin?

Hello,  My son was diagnosed 3 months ago at the age of 8.  The first month he was having a shot at every meal. Then the carb/ insulin ratio changed to a half unit per 50 carbs which he rarely eats more than that.  Plus his recess, gym, or soccer he would have an half less. Which as you can see means none.  He has for the past month and a half only gets his nigh time shot.  Occasionally he will get a shot if it is raining and he is not going to be active or we go out to eat b/c he loves rolls. 

As for the numbers being crazy.  I have found that my sons pancreas is still working however not dependable.  Sometimes if he is running high we will give insulin and it will go real low and I think the pancreas says hey I got some insulin too.  Secretly I wish that my son will stay in the Honeymoon phase forever.

My son was diagnosed in September and was put on insulin.  If he is under 80, it is considered a low.  When he hits a low we give him a fast acting 15 carb snack (i.e. mini fruit roll up, half cup OJ check carbs, any juice that is 15 carbs (like the small boxes) then wait 15 minutes, if it is above 80 then we give him a slow acting 15 carb (i.e. some of the 100 calorie snacks are 15, cheezits) to keep it up.   Insulin will bring levels down.  If they are high you give no carbs drinks ( we get bottled water and put the generic flavored crystal light sticks) to help flush out the extra sugar.  Cheese and meat type items are free carb snacks,  they will not lower or cause it to go high.

A high can present itself  by having to potty frequently, drinking frequent, excessive energy or being less active.  Each kid is different.  I hope this helps.  They lots of Moms on here that can help you.  It is very overwhelming at first.  When Hayden was diagnosed he started using the restroom 8 or more times and hour.  He wet the bed and let a hug wet area. 

My son was also 3.5 when he was diagnosed a year ago (this Friday). He also has had a pretty strong honeymoon and for a while was needing very little amounts of insulin. Some days only his long acting and that for a while was only 1.0 unit. So barely nothing, but we would still have problems with hypos and so we switched to the insulin pump, which allows us better control over the tiny amounts of insulin he needs. Our dr. still thinks he is in a honeymoon phase, because he using less than 10 units per day and his basal rate is about 1.5 units now. We too had thoughts (dreams?) of maybe this was something that he is recovering from. Then you get smacked with a few days of high numbers and realize it isn't. But it is something you can manage. It is a very emotional disease.

As far as the lows, I am interested in what your doctor said. I wouldn't be too surprised about the morning number since he wouldn't have eaten all night, so naturally lower part of the day. Pre-lunch it could be because of play, and his insulin needs might be naturally lower then (or his pancreas is working best then?) My son has his lowest insulin demands during the late morning and our dr. said she finds that to be pretty normal in kids his age. I think just different hormones.

Also, make sure you do test his meter with the test solution sometimes and recall that meters can be up to 20% off. So a 68 is easily 72 (normal) and a 59 could even be 70. Just things to keep in mind.