Positive COVID-19 Diagnosis with Type I diabetes

Good afternoon. I am a Type I diabetic and have been since I was a little kid. Several weeks ago I was diagnosed with COVID-19. The symptoms were problematic but seem to have largely dissipated with the exception of the shortness of breath if I over exert myself. I was wondering what other Type I diabetics have done in connection with a positive COVID-19 test. Also, just before I was diagnosed, I was able to get my first vaccine (not that it helped) and am now coming due for the second dose but am uncertain whether or not to get it in light of the positive COVID-19 test and associated symptoms. Any suggestions? James

Hi. I recently recovered myself. I tested positive on 3/24 and started feeling better the first weekend in April. I tested negative on April 6. While I had it virtually any movement exhausted me and I got really or of breath, and add I was recovering - like you I found breathing remained difficult with exertion - and I got tired even if I didn’t do much. Things started to Really improve last week - I found myself getting better and stronger literally by the day. After I got my negative test my husband to me on a couple of outings to the store. I got very tired after the first one - to a mini Target - but I went to a regular Target other day, wandered around as I love to do, and was fine - I felt like I did before I came down with it. Am able to do housework, go up and down steps, and do what I usually do.
I feel like I’m over it and back to 100% now. I guess it just takes time for the body to recover although how much time may vary.

I would check with your doctor, but depending on which vaccine you get I believe that you can wait up to six weeks with Pfizer and up to 48 days with Maderna. Again that is just what my doctor’s website says. So please check in with doctors on when you should get your second dose. As you can see this is pretty normal and so they probably have protocols on this. Please check in with your doctor as most do not want you getting the vaccine with covid (or symptoms), they want you to wait and get it later/ when better.

I had covid in December and I was very fortunate that I only had mild symptoms. Other than being tired and having a stuffy nose, I cannot speak to your experience. I only knew because my mom had symptoms and came back positive so everyone else in my house got tested. I wish you luck and hope that it starts to improve some more for you!

Thank you. I checked with my doctor and she essentially said it was my choice as to whether or not to wait and that my decision should be based on how I feel. I still become tired more quickly than I used to and will be short of breath if I exert myself too much. I went out and split logs for a bit, which I was able to do, but was too tired to take the dog for a walk after that (the dog was not happy but I connected her to a long lead so she was able to run around a bit).

Sounds really difficult! Glad to hear you’re all recovering.
After vaccination would anyone risk flying?

I’ll likely fly again for work. Depending on the entry/exit conditions required.

One dose of the vaccine isn’t enough to protect you. Having had COVID might not be enough to protect you. But there’s a chance that having been partially vaccinated could have given your immune system a head start, leading to you having a milder case than you otherwise would have experienced. Getting the second shot when you’re able is probably a good idea. Side effects seem to vary. Some people get them equally with both doses, some have a harder time with one or the other. I hope the second one is easier on you than the first. Having recovered from the virus may actually help you there. But, yeah, I’m glad you talked it over with your doctor. See what works for you.

If I were in your situation, I wouldn’t get the second shot. After the first shot and covid, exactly how do you expect to develop more antibodies? I think you’re as built up as you’re going to get.
If there is some other situation, like a travel destination, that is involved then that may change your response but I wouldn’t do it.

The CDC specifically recommends getting fully vaccinated even if you’ve had the virus. That’s because we don’t know how much protection having recovered from the virus gives you, or how long it will last.

There are multiple documented cases of people getting reinfected. And the antibodies you have against the strain you encountered might not protect you from variants.

Better safe than sorry.