Possible diagnonis

Oh ok I didn’t realize that was possible. I was thinking it was an automatic yes. That is positive and I will hold out for that hope. Thank you

Glad to hear it!
And, hey, as long as he doesn’t need treatment, his life is easier. So whether it’s just for now or for the rest of his life, you and he can rejoice in something most people take for granted. That’s a good thing. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Ms. Sarah. I understand how waiting is so difficult. When I was an EMT-I people would always say while waiting, every minute seemed like an eternity. We know that you feel like you’re standing on pins and needles wanting answers, but this may take some time before your instincts may be confirmed or even at all. Patience is nearly impossible when it comes to your child’s well being, because you want answers and to get him feeling better ASAP. It’s important that you don’t become smothered with worry. All you can do is pay attention to his symptoms and listen to him say how he feels. Just be prepared for what ever the future holds, but don’t stop enjoying the present and don’t fear the future. You sound like you’re a very good mother and will do what needs to be done to provide him with a healthy, successful life. Just keep doing what you’re doing and keep us informed of his progress. Remember to RELAX, and we’re in your and your son’s corner.

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Hello, i’m only twelve and got T1D when i was eleven. And I have a crazy story, but it is too long. so I will just summarize it for you. so basically I started felling a little sick but eventually i was just starving ALL THE TIME! Because my blood sugar was so high, my body broke down all of my mussel and fat. I became SUPER skinny and so hungry for no reason too the point that I was sitting on the ground balling my eyes out because I just wanted as much junk food i could get. this was in November and all I asked for was a huge pile of food. (depressing, right?) I even stole my sisters hamster treats and ate all of the dried fruit inside. But we had no idea what was happening and didn’t know T1D was a thing, so we just thought I was being weird… well soon I started having to go too the bathroom every 5 minuets and waking up in the middle of the night so thirsty that i didn’t have any saliva. Then one day i woke up SUPER pale. the next day at 4am I woke up breathing super hard and I couldent stop. My hart was POUNDING and this is known and ketoacidosis which is not fun!! but once again we had no idea what was happening. at about 4pm we went to the ER but didn’t have much luck there and got sent somewhere else. after this it was all a blur because i was going in and out of conciseness and when I was awake, I think I was hallucinating. anyway I had to be life flighted all the way up too a primary children’s hospital ON A JET THOROUGH A STORM! luckily I was unconsciousness during the whole thing so ya… but I had the lowest PH that the hospital had seen too survive. A true miracle. but also a true curse of T1D, and also now I am fine. yay. so if somthing weird is happening like that, go too the ER right away so you dont have to go through what I did.

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@TylerIsKindaBad Hi Tyler, and Welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum! WOW, what an experience - and we are very happy that you found us here, so welcome again.

Like you, I was always hungry, eating everything within reach, getting skinnier and skinnier day by day and had everyone worried and wondering what was wrong. But, probably like you, as a 15 year old boy and not wanting to admit anything was wrong with me, I kept telling everyone “nuttin’s the matter”. Fortunate for me, on the July Fourth Holiday a neighbor who was a surgeon got within 30 feet of me and smelled the acetone my body was giving off from the ketoacidosis; he told my mother “diabetes” and told her to get me to the hospital - the doctor got to the hospital too and made arrangements for my two week care. That was 65 years ago and I’m still here kicking-up a storm.

What I want to share with you Tyler, diabetes will not keep you from living a long, active, productive and, fulfilling life. I suggest strongly that you do not let diabetes rule your life, but with knowledge that you are now acquiring you CAN make diabetes fit into your plans for life. You, with good education about diabetes, are the boss. Hang around here, ask questions and enjoy a good life. And oh, a brief dip in the water when forgetting to first take off my pump didn’t cause any problem.

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Thanks so much!! Im happy to be here!

Hi @TylerIsKindaBad . Your name says it all! You’re a survivor and I’m thankful you shared your story. I’m also very thankful you’re here, and look forward to your contributions.
I like to recommend the book Think Like a Pancreas to new Type 1s - and I should add their families. Gary Scheiner, the author, works in diabetes health and has Type1 himself so he writes from a personal as well as professional perspective.
Keep us posted!

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Hello Tyler, and welcome to the forum. Also welcome to the T1D warrior club. Your story is one simular to many others here so your situation is shared by many of us. We are so glad to know that you finally got diagosed and issues under control. As others have said, you can live a healthy, successful, fulfilling life by keeping your little monster under control. As you keep battling your new opponent you will find that everyday will have a new twist, but we know you are like us and will be a fighter. We are so glad you are here on the forum with us now. I suggest that you reach out to other young T1D’s on here to discuss and trade ideas and learn from each other about similar daily issues. We’re proud of you and your attitude to reach out and give life learned advise. Young peoplle like you with T1D I’ve seen here are very knowledgable and more mature than most other kids their age, kudos for that. Take care of yourself and stay active here. If you ever need to ask a question that some of us ole dinosaurs may be able to give advise for, don’t hesitate to ask, we’re here for you and others. We’re stronger together so we’ve got your back.

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Oh my gosh that is so scary. Im glad you are doing good. Thanks for sharing.