Possible growth spur?


my son 41/2 years old, newly diagnosised three months ago, The pasts weekend his sugar level shooted up to 21 (approv 400) without us doing anything unusual. we increased his insulin by over 20% of the daily dose on last friday, 50% on Sat and 70% on Sun to keep it down.  He is not sick and normal to me. Even that, his sugar level still seemed high to me. Not sure why, frustrated, Has anyone experienced that? Any input would help!



Could be a growth spurt, since obviously his body will need more insulin as he grows.  Could also be that his pancreas is making less insulin.  The honeymoon period can last a year or more after diagnosis.  Check in with your doctor and under his or her guidance slowly increase insulin.  

could honeymoon period ended so suddenly?

if it is the growth spurt, how long does it usual last? few days, few weeks?

Honeymoon periods can end suddenly.  

Insulin needs are always changing.  At his age my guess is that he's having a growth spurt.  My son had a big growth spurt when he was 4 and changed from looking like a toddler to looking like a little boy.  

Growth spurts usually cause a permanent increase in insulin dose.  For example, when I was a 4-year-old I took only 3 units of long acting insulin a day.  Now as an adult I take around 45 units of insulin a day.  As I grew, my insulin needs increased.  Sometimes the change was gradual and sometimes it was big.    

Hi, hope you are well.  

When my son was first diagnosed, he went thru the "honeymoon" period for about 4 monts and then whammo his sugars went sky high and that was the end of the honeymoon period (did not last a year).  As well, his needs are always changing as far as dosage is concerned.  We just made adjustments at our last doctor's visit on October 11th and they already need adjusting again and it is only 6 weeks later.  On the rare occassion, sugars can run hight if something is coming on (i.e. sickness).  Otherwise, he may need adjustments to his dosage.  Good luck!!!  PS...It is my son's one year anniversary today for his diagnosis...we did a little celebration showing how proud we are of him with a card, gift and decoration.  I read some other moms did this and I thought it was a nice way each year to celebrate something not so good :-)

Thank you everyone for sharing such invaluable experiences with me. It is a great idea to celebrate good and bad, for all we have enjoyed and have accomplished.  

thanks again

Our son (age 10) was dx about 2.5 years ago.  With him, a growth spurt usually shows up as growth hormones being released between 2-4 am, so his BG will rise (sometimes over 300) between those hours.  It rarely lasts more than 5 days, then he goes back into a more normal nighttime pattern.  Oncoming illness (or even illness that is not showing symptoms) usually shows up as more consistent highs during the day as well as through the night, and generally only lasts a couple of days (he always gets the "lowest dose" of whatever virus is going through our family).  Because these types of spikes often are short-term, I am very cautious about changing his carb:insulin ratios or correction factors; I'll wait for a consistent pattern over 3 days before making an adjustment, making a small adjustment on the 4th day.

I would definitely check with your endo, though, before changing any ratios/factors.



his ratio dropped back to normal after the 4th day, but the night time ratio has increased permenantly.