Post Op recovery and tips for surgery


Had a tumor in my neck removed on Friday, it was 3 x 2 cm and the surgery took 2 hours. The dr had to sacrifice a nerve so I now have no feeling in the bottom part of my ear. Obviously I let the dr and hospital know about my T1D. They usually get T1D's in to surgery first so we are no having to fast for as long.

A good tip is that prior to going in I discussed the surgery with my endo and edu and how I would manage my pump. They gave me a very helpful handout which I had the hospital put on my file. Basically it said that for 1/2 prior to the operation I would reduce my levels to 80% and the same during and 2 hours after. The handout also stated that I was to manage the pump and insulin myself so I didn't get nurses tyring to interfer.

The nurses though must have wondered if I knew what I was doing though because for the life of me I could not get my levels down. Even with 200% basal rate going I was still recording +288 (16) regularly. Took at least a day and half before I got back to a reasonable level. Even so I am still running at a higher background level while I recover, it was a fairly big surgery so I am not surprised.

Anyway, I hoping for no more tumors or other diseases to pop up for a long long over it!


Good too hear that the tumor is gone.