Power Lifting and type one diabetes?

I was diagnosed with type one diabetes in 2007. I was in first grade and 7 years old. It’s quite a struggle dealing with diabetes. In seventh grade, I joined the ladies power lifting team for my school.I’m now in 9th grade. I absolutely love lifting! I’m addicted to it seems like.But I have to go many days where I can’t lift due to low or high blood sugars. It sucks watching your other teammates lift but you can’t. Any suggestions of what I can do to stabilize my blood sugars so I can lift healthier? I take shots and I still seem to run high no matter what.

Hi. I found with heavy weight training, and power lifting, you may want to carb load approximately 2 to 4 hours before. Try to consume some healthy complex carbs such as fruits or whole grain bread in that period. Also some healthy fats such as cashews, almonds, or peanut butter are good too. If you can bolus/inject properly in order to start your workout with a blood glucose between 120 and 160 that would be ideal. Due to glycogen release during hard workouts, you may see a rise in #'s during and post workout, but it should balance at pretty quick. Also, stay very hydrated.

I always check before I lift. I can’t eat or anything before workouts tho because I have class. And then i eat right after I lift

I think you should be able to eat in class, being diabetic and all.

Yes, I do too! I usually snack on a little something on some days just depends on my levels.