Powerade Zero

Have you tried Powerade Zero? What was your opinion? What's your favorite flavor? What would be a new flavor if you had a choice?

I use it during exercise, my muscles do not cramp up when I drink it daily. I guess maybe before I was slightly dehydrated or something and that caused the cramping.

I would say Grape is my favorite flavor. Mixed Berry is my second flavor of choice. 

My suggestion for a new flavor would be Orange.

I can't drink the strawberry because I am allergic to strawberries : (

I drink a Powerade Zero every day too! It's the easiest way for me to stay hydrated and it tastes yummy :o)

I think Mixed Berry is my favorite with Strawberry my 2nd favorite. I haven't tried the Grape flavored one because grape and banana flavored things are gross to me :o)

My suggestions for future flavors: whatever they have in regular Powerade should also be available in Powerade Zero. I like to have variety!

I have it from time to time as well.  It does give me a bit of a pick me up without effecting my bs levels.  I use it when I go my bike rides - seems to keep my hydrated better than plain water but that could be just the added vitamines I'm feeling.  I like the Grape as well -  I'd like to see them come out with a lemon-lime.  In regards to the strawberry - I do like it but isn't the flavor just a additive and not real strawberry?  I've never taken a close look at it.

Jeremy loves Poweraid zero!!  His tastes change often so he has different favorites.  My favorite is grape. 

My husband and I both love mixed berry! I bring it to the gym with me because drinking water during exercising for some reason makes me feel sick lately. Which is weird, but anyway yea I like Mixed Berry! I wish there was more variety as well.

Maybe it has something to do with...I get sick when I drink room temperature water but not if, during hard exertion, I drink icy water. Weird.


You're probably right about the additives for flavoring, I never really considered that.

 I was tested when I was 18 yrs. old for food allergies I was +3 (pretty severe) for both strawberries and garlic. I've had a few bad experiences with both of them, resulting in swelling of the throat, hives, trouble breathing so I just stay away from both of them. I sure do miss eating strawberries though I remember how yummy they were, lol.

They released 2  new flavors of Zero. Orange and Lemon-Lime. Have you tried them, if so what do you think?

I tried the orange and I think it is my new favorite putting grape into second place   ; )

I like the grape as well :) I loovee the Strawberry Lemonade flavor, but it's too sugary

I like Mixed Berry and the new Lemon Lime one. Pretty tasty. Just wish they had them in smaller bottles. To me, if I have it in one of their big bottles it is one serving. Than I spend the rest of the day, releasing the one serving...

I agree they should have the smaller bottles of Zero available.

I drink it too!! And guess what? Orange Zero is available. Hard to find, but I just bought 10 at Giant Eagle!!  Yummy!!!

I can't drink powerade/gatorade/vitamin water because when i wansn't Dx'd thats all i drank and when i threw it up it was nasty, so now if i drink it i throw up