Praying for a miracle


again this is a high school one that i found. but it was originally about just love and all that mushy stuff, but the day i started writing it another friend of mine had died and it the day that they found Elizabeth Smart. it was an odd day. 



Praying for a miracle

here I am thinking about my life

the very life fear tried to take from me

I’m praying for a miracle to take the place of my pain

I know I should be alright but it's too much for me to take

can't you see nobody knows the real me

I’m sitting in the rain tears in my eyes

can you see the pain

it scares me to think i wanted to die

I need you

to take me with you to a better place someplace where love is real

I need you

today was the day I was going to say goodbye to my life

I’m still here and nothing is gonna stand in my way

I’m going to live my life the way I want to

you should know

you made me better

you don't see

you don't know

 how will anyone know how I am today how will they see my heart is breaking

but I am still praying for a miracle

I’m sitting in the rain tears in my eyes

no one hears me crying

please hold me close

I need you

don't leave me alone in the night

oh please take me to a better place

a place where love is real

I need you