Pre-planning Pregnancy Questions!

Hello All,

I'm new to this website and while I don't typically enter things like this, I'm glad to have found a forum to ask questions and hopefully find support!  My husband and I are in the very beginning stages of planning our first pregnancy.  I am 33, have been diabetic for almost 21 years now, am on the pump.  It seems as though just testing several times throughout the day, exercise and staying in tight control is the main theme here...not much different than when not being pregnant - but I do have to say, I do not test as often as I should and have gotten away from my normal exercise routine over the past few years.  (I still work out weekly, but not as intense or as often as before.)  My HA1C is - unfortunately - now in the low 7 range.  (...good ol' wedding stress got to me!) 

Just didn't know if anyone else was in my boat and if they had any 'words of wisdom' (besides the obvious)!  Is it true that if I can get into better control and start some better routines now, that we could try and the next 3 months or so? 

Looking forward to your feedback.  I have other questions regarding doctors and pump info, as well...but will wait for that! 

Thanks for your time!


Hi Jennie,

I don't know if I have any words of wisdom besides the obvious. I had not the best control earlier in the year, but after about 3 months of tight control I started trying and got pregnant after 2 months. If there are any questions you would like to ask me, I would be happy to help!


Hi Kelly,

Thanks for your response!  Congratulations on your pregnancy!  I just read your bio - and, fortunately, I have not had any complications from having diabetes after 21 years!  I have been on the pump for about the same time as you...but am just so anxious about blood sugars and staying in tight control.  Did you go to your Endo first, and then choose a high risk OB?  Even though I haven't gotten in to see an Endo, I hope to in the next couple of weeks...

How is your pregnancy going so far?  How the heck does anyone stay in such tight control?  I'm so worried!!  I'm definitely not in the 75-90 range all the time yet.  Are you still exercising?  (I'm not sure what anyone, in general, is able to do in the first trimester.)  I have so much to learn...but looking forward to it!


P.S...on a side note, what is diabulemia?  or whatever term you called it?!?  just curious!  thanks!

Hi Jennie,

I did see the endo first. She was actually the one that brought up the pregnancy question. I was scared of what would happen to me, so I was hesitant to want to start trying but she said I was in perfect health to go ahead and do it. She recommended the high risk ob/gyn to me. I am almost at 8 weeks, and I don't start seeing the high risk ob/gyn until 18-22 weeks and for now it is just the regular ob/gyn. 

So far my pregnancy is good...I hope! They heard a heartbeat last week so that was such a good sign. I don't have any morning sickness, I am just extremely tired and I am running low a lot of the time. I am being much more careful about the types of food I am eating. I am not in the 75-90 range all the time either. It's almost impossible and I test almost every hour of the day and a few times during the night. I am getting my A1C again on Thursday, but my meter says my average reading is 105. Before pregnancy, I was exercising almost 3 hours a day, and now I am just taking a short 20 minute walk with my dogs. It would probably wouldn't be dangerous to exercise more, but I am worried about causing any problems, and I am way too tired to even think about doing all of that. You are not supposed to get your heart rate over 140 anyways, so just doing the housework I think is enough for now. 

I don't know if diabulemia is technically a recognized disease, but is the term for when people (usually young women) keep their blood sugars extremely high on purpose to lose weight. No matter how much I would exercise or how little I eat I couldn't lose weight, so I resorted to keeping my readings around 600 most of the time. I got down to 85lbs and now I am 160 which is a little depressing but I know I am a lot healthier. This is where all of my complications came from. I knew how to have good control, it was just my extreme desire to be skinny that caused all my problems. Now that I'm pregnant, my weight is really the least of my concerns for the first time in my life! I am just going to do what is healthiest for the baby, and whatever happens weight-wise, happens. 

I hope some of this is helpful. Good luck with everything, I think you will be fine!






Hi Jennie-

Isn't worrying about everything a full time job?!?  I am 27 and have been diabetic for 7 years, type 1.  My endo said that she would like to see 3 consecutive A1C's of 6.0 or less before I would get the green light to start trying to get pregnant.  That seems like so much work.  I have had A1C's below 6.0 in the past but I had a lot of lows and to be honest, I hate being low, it just messes with everything.  Anyway I am on the way to lowering my A1C (last one was 7.2) in order to start trying.  Best of luck to you and happy to have people to discuss this with.




Wow, HA1Cs BELOW 6 seems seems a bit excessive - but I do understand the reasons for that goal.  My last one was 7.2, as well - which is high for me.  I see a new endo next Thursday.  I recently have not seen one and just maintained my own blood sugars with my PCP, but this is a critical time and want to make sure everything is done right.  Are you on a pump?  I'm going to ask my doctor about the Guardian...although, I have a feeling that unfortunately, it may be covered for those who are out of control.  But it never hurts to try! 

Thanks very muc h for the note.  Good luck in reaching your goal!  It sounds like we're at about at the same stage and it's nice to know I'm not the only one with all of these concerns!

Thanks again and keep in touch!



I am on the pump, Paradigm 522.  I also have CGMS and I love it.  Less testing, my fingers thank me.  I started on the CGMS about a year and half ago and I did need to have my endo submit a request for it.  I had better control when I got the CGMS than I currently do.  I think at that time insurance companies were just starting to cover it and by now I am sure that most of them do.  I would think that if you are planning a family that it would be covered.  It is a great tool to have, you can easily spot trends where you are having problems and correct them quickly. 

Keep me up to date on how you are doing with your planning.  Sometimes I feel like I am the only person going through this stuff.  Ha ha I know that isn't true but good to share experiences with others.

Talk to you soon.