Pre-pregnancy visit to the doctor

Hi everyone,

I must say i am so happy to have found this page!!! I love reading all the posts. I am 24 years old and have been a type one for 20 years. My husband and i are thinking about having a baby. :) I have my A1c down to 7.1 (not as good as it should be but hey i think it is good) and have the ok to get preg. from my endo and nurse educator. I am going to see a high risk obgyn at the end of september.  For those of you that have been through or are going through a pregnancy what questions should i ask? I have came up with some on my own but would like to know what i really should be asking.


Hey Karen-

I also was diagnosed with type 1 when I was 4.  It's important to learn from your obgyn how he/she will work with the endo.  In my case my ob would just notify my endo of my test results and any unusual issues, so I didn't have so many doctor appointments.  At the beginning your ob will want to see all of your blood sugars, so ask how he/she wants to get those.  For the first month I faxed or emailed them to my doc's office, but once he realized I was doing okay I didn't have to do it and didn't have so many doctor appointments.  

Ask about any lifestyle or medicine changes you should make when you start trying to conceive.  For example, expectant moms should never take ACE inhibitors like Lisinopril.

It's also important to ask what the ob expects to happen at delivery.  Most diabetics are induced a couple weeks early (since even the healthiest type 1 pregnancy is considered high risk).  Many diabetics also have cesareans.  I was a little naive about this before hand and assumed I'd be able to go to term because my pregnancy was healthy.  

Some general pregnancy advice:  Aim for a lower target blood sugar (when pregnant I aimed for 80 instead of 100 and tested often to avoid lows), get an insulin pump if you don't already use one, make sure you have good insurance because you'll be at the doctor a lot and they'll want to do extra ultrasounds and other tests, and expect to test a lot or use a CGM.

Lots of diabetic women have healthy pregnancies and babies.  You can totally do this.  Take care.


Thanks so much! I have already started the pre-pregnancy stuff (switching meds striving for lower sugars). i guess i am really worried about when i deliver. i really want to breastfeed (i work with breastfeeding moms) and am worried that they will take the baby away from me right after the fact and won't get to breastfeed right off. I just want to still have a little bit of control and say about what happens during the delivery. i already have a pump and CGM. i have always wanted to be a mom and now as i get down to the time it's like AHHHHH. But i love hearing the good stories i really think this site is what is going to get me through this......