How o you find a pre school that's trained in caring for a little one with type 1 diabetes?

I just called the pre-school that I wanted my son to attend and asked. We then had a meeting with the principal, the daycare/pre-school administrator, his teacher and the 2 secretaries. It was mainly just informational about what kind of care John would need and how they could handle it. They seem really willing to work with us. They have only had a girl in the regular school with D a few years ago and she was on shots. My son is on a pump but they were really interested/excited by that.

I will be going to their late summer in-service to train all the staff in general and his teachers specifically. I also plan to be available on the first day to see how it goes. I hope it will go well.

Our son has been in an in-home daycare when he was dx'd and I just trained her how to do his care. She has been great. I think you just need to find a place that is willing to work with you