Pre teen & diabetes

Someone please give me comfort with CPS helping my 13 yr. old daughter control diabetes! It is a fact that she has had several DKA moments, for the past two yrs. I’ve been complaining that their regiments are not working. Instead of trying the pump they refer to CPS!

hello @casandra,

I am sorry, what is CPS? the only reference that I found is “Chicago Public Schools” and part of a system to develop a student 504 plan??? IS that right? Is there any support you can locate perhaps the JDRF local office? Do you need help locating the JDRF in your area?

anyway, I am sorry your daughter is having a rough time. I have had diabetes a really long time now and it is one of the only diseases that requires the person to be the “first doctor”. I know it may sound crazy, but there isn’t a 504 plan that will be able to tell if your daughter is feeling high or low blood sugar. Self management is required to control blood sugar because it can change very fast. In my local school system, once a student can self manage, there are special provisions available to that student for testing and insulin injections.

I hope you can find the support you need. Please elaborate on this problem and I am sure someone here can offer more support than I can. good luck,.

Are you referring to Child Protective Services? If so, what is the reason she has been referred to them for medical advice?

@ Joe, CPS is Children Protective Service. CPS did much of nothing and the case was closed. However, we’ve had a DKA since. Our issue is simply; stubborn teen phase, who wants independence! However, I will say that the doctors are finally listening to me, that their regiment isn’t working. It’s a little difficult finding/ creating a plan that will work. Yes, she has a 504 plan at school, although I don’t feel secure that its identifies specific things that she needs at school, being there isn’t a full time nurse.

There must be some background as to why control of your daughter’s health was given to CPS, but it sounds like she is back in your care now? Find out from CPS exactly what they need you to demonstrate to prove you can resume taking responsibility to work out a revised plan with her endocrinologist and/or Certified Diabetes educator. I’m sure CPS would like to have you resume care because they are always overwhelmed, but it is their responsibility to make sure you have the knowledge and capacity to handle it. Same thing applies if she is your foster daughter, they need to know you are equipped to care for her. Good luck and let us know how it is going.


I am glad you clarified for us. I wasn’t sure what you meant by CPS either. I don’t really have much experience with CPS and diabetes care. I didn’t even know that was an option in that type of situation.

But, I am just going to put this out there, and I could be wrong…but, if your child is stubborn and wants independence anything your doctor tells you isn’t going to work unfortunately. I am just talking from personal experience and I think many others here will agree here that It seems to me like your child is rebelling and doesn’t want to deal with diabetes. This sort of thing happens with teens/young adults a lot. You may want to try and seek out counseling for your daughter. It could be diabetes burnout, depression or even diabulimia. Not taking care of yourself properly definitely would land you in the hospital with DKA.

Check out this link about diabulimia and the signs:

@ Gina thanks your was very helpful to me, I learned something new. I will be researching and share the doctors.


Let us know how it goes. We are here for you anytime day or night!

we are finally home & all seems to be going well :slight_smile: