PredictBGL App for monitoring their kid at school?

I’ve started using this for monitoring my 10-year old daughter at school.

She used the pump for a year before giving it up (about 6 years ago), but we’ve been looking for a replacement dose calculator. This seems to be the ticket, as well as giving points etc which are great for her motivation, which is definitely waning. The initial setup was a bit tricky and had to be setup via the website.

Anyone else tried it?


Why did she give up the pump? We’re new, so just learning about all the options.

We spent so much time dealing with the pump rather than living life.

  • A pump takes a lot of management - storing supplies everywhere in case you get a blocked or kinked line or infected site, and ketoacidosis very quickly after that.
  • Large welts on her bottom that we thought would not look fantastic as she got older, and into bathers (and boys)
  • You’re attached to a device - and this removes spontaneity. You can’t just go and have a shower or bath. If you get a pump, ensure it is waterproof
  • Trying to hide the pump under her clothes, it was easier to just inject when she needed it, and after that she was just a normal kid again.

Many people rave about a pump because they didn’t use MDI (multiple daily injections) prior to starting on a pump. MDI is totally flexible ie you eat what you want, when you want. The pump marketing tells you that they give you this flexibility, but this is not true. It is the use of faster insulins with an MDI regime that gives flexibility, not the pump. So save yourself some $$$ and try MDI with calculation support first.