Hey guys!


I went to urgent care today to take care of a really bad case of asthma that I have been battling over this winter season. I just got dianogosed today and am feeling much better. My asthma got so bad that I needed a breathing treatment and my regular doctor wasn't able to see me right away. The doctor at urgent care is aware of my diabetes but he put me on prednisone--a steriod used for my asthma inflamation. In addition, I'm on the Z-pack of antiobitotics (a possible broncial infection), and the abuteral inahler. He told me to watch my sugars closley and to possibly up my insulin. Right now I'm on 24 of Lantus and a 10-1 ratio of humalog to cover my extra bolus for my highs. I tested a few minutes ago and the medicine put me in the mid 200s, I corrected, but I have a feeling the next few days are going to be a terms of highs. Anyone else been on this medicine? How much did you increase your basal?


any other advice?




My son was stung by a bee this summer, had a severe reaction to it, and his GP gave a steroid for him to take.  It was a gradual increase, but I had to triple his bolus.  I asked here on juvenation ..........Here it is............

"Yeah I had that kind of experience a few months ago. I was on oral Prednisone and a Kenalog injection.  The bottom line is your blood sugars will sky rocket without explanation.  The endo's advice was to take as much insulin as is necessary to bring the numbers down, which might 3-4x your normal dose.  Once you stop the steroid treatment the blood sugars will go back to normal.

What's going inside the body is that the corticosteroids also cause the body to break down stored glycogen to glucose thus raising the blood sugar even if you're not eating."

a few months ago my dr put me on pred for a bad cold and also told me to watch my sugars. well i did but I had a few readings of over 400!! I had to increase my basal by about 50%. it was terrible. I will at all costs try to avoid ever using pred again.

Yea. I was 146 at dinner. I took my insulin plus some extra to account for what I knew might happen. 280 something 2.5 hours later and now (about an hour later) I'm 280 (even after taking my bolus plus some extra!). This is getting on my last nerve! I took extra lantus (30 from 24). and doubled up my bolus about 20 minutes ago. I'll keep checking them till I'm in bed. I'm going to set my alarm for 3 and 6 am and if I'm still high, I'm gonna take 10 more units of lantus. My biggest concern...I'm going to look like a fat cow on New Years Eve!

I've had a nasty cough for about a month or so.  I went to the doctor and she put me on a ZPAC antibiotic.  After 10 days it didn't get better and in fact got worse.  On Friday she put me on a 12 day prednisone rx.

I knew this was going to happen, but by bs has been horrible.  433 Friday night and 388 in the morning even though I took 6 units of Humalog and extra Lantus.

I'm going to continue upping my dose but will probably just have to live with high bs for the next few weeks.

But, my cough was a little better today. If I can shake it this will all be worth it.