HI all-

So as my husband and I gear up for a baby (fingers crossed and prayers said as we are doing IVF this month), I find myself scrolling the internet to identify every single possible thing that could go wrong. This week's find? Preeclampsia. To put it simply, this is terrifying! In addition to fearing birth defects, miscarriage etc. I am now terrified of getting this nasty thing. I can't get a clear answer how much more likely type 1s are to get it than "normal" women. Do folks have experience with this? If so, is it as horrible as it sounds? 

Much obliged :)


I know we are more likely but idk how much. It wasn’t too bad for me. My BP stayed ok and I had no protein in my urine until 34 weeks but I was soooooo puffy in my feet from like 20 weeks. I was admitted for close monitoring at 34 weeks and after an amniocentesis had my daughter at 36 weeks 5 days.

I got it. It but a few of my friends who are perfectly healthy also got it. It's onw of those weird things they don't really know why it happens. I was delivered 3 weeks early b/c the last time I did a 24 hour urine test my protein was at 400. (It's normally microscopic to non existent.) 300 is considered preclamptic so 400 is still very low. It can get much higher. The day they got my test back they told me they wanted to deliver me. I was 37 weeks and they said this was safer. They put me on something called Magnesium - that is horrible. No one that has ever been on Mag said it was fine. It sucks. It makes you feel like you have a horrible flu and it makes you kind of loopy. But it doesn't hurt and it doesn't hurt the baby and it will be out of you soon. Best advice, don't worry about it. If you don't have blood pressure issues to start with ( I DID) then your odds are low - but stressing over these things can make you BP rise. If it does happen, they will deal with it. And you and the baby will be fine.