Pregnancy and Traveling Partner


I’m 32 and I’ve been Type 1 for about 11 years now. My husband and I decided to try and get pregnant. We thought it would take a while for the birth control to really get out of my system but almost immediately I got pregnant. I’m only seven weeks at this point and anything could happen but my husband and I are naturally proceeding forward and figuring out some logistics in our lives and how a pregnancy/and then baby will change some other plans we’ve made.
Before I got pregnant my husband started planning a trip to the Philippines with a good friend. Again, he really did this because we thought we’d have more time before getting pregnant. Tickets have been bought and reservations have been made at this point. But now I’m pregnant and his trip will be happening when I should be about 16 weeks. Just into the second trimester. He’ll be gone for two and a half weeks.
So, to my question. Should he be going? Pregnancy has been going well so far minus a bit of nausea but the pregnancy is early and I haven’t been to my Obgyn yet. I’m aware of the dangerous period of time around 10-12 weeks when my insulin needs will change drastically and could have dangerous lows. But his trip isn’t til after that time, of course everyone is different and I could have that happen later in the pregnancy.
So, I’m just looking for genuine feelings/opinions from diabetic women who you have been through pregnancy. Would your husband/partner being gone during the start of your second trimester be ok or is that just crazy? Would you feel comfortable staying by yourself during that period of time? I could go stay with some family but that complicates everyone’s life so if that’s my best option my husband would feel like a jerk and won’t go. I know everyone’s pregnancy is different, but just throwing this out there for some honest reactions.
Also, we will be asking for the Obgyn’s opinion on this.

Thanks in advance!!