Pregnancy Buddy?

Hi! I’m pregnant with baby #2 (due October 11th) and looking for a buddy due around the same time! I’ll have two under two! My little girl is 13 months, so she’ll be 20 months when our new peanut is born. :two_hearts: My a1c was so low with #1, but so far #2 has proven to be a whole different ballgame. BG’s started rising right away (before I got a positive test) so much that I had to crank my basals up. Now the lows are starting to hit. Ugh. My first pregnancy was very healthy, so I’m determined to do just as well this time around. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Erica1710, I would LOVE to be your pregnancy buddy! I am due 9/13. I don’t know any Type 1 women who can share advice or empathize with all the hard work we have to do. I was pregnant several years ago and unfortunately lost the baby due to complications from my T1D. This time is a whole different ballgame for me too, my A1c is low and I am doing the absolute best I can but I still have fears/challenges. Because my first pregnancy ended so quickly I feel like a first time mom to be and would love any advice or insight you have.

Hello @Erica1710. First off, CONGRATULATIONS!!! How many weeks are you?

I’m not pregnant (that I know of) right now… but in my two week waiting period and hubby & I have been trying for well over a year. I’m simply commenting because my blood sugars have been whacko the last few days, and MUCH higher for unknown reasons over the last 4 days. I see you said you had BG’s rise right away before your positive test… but when exactly did you find out your were pregnant? I’m just curious to see if I am following in the same steps.

Hi @CallaNicole, I wanted to respond because I had a similar experience.
(I think you may have seen when I posted about being anxious after first finding out I was pregnant- your name looks familiar to me). I had a few days where my blood sugar was off the wall. I planned for my pregnancy very carefully and I had not had a BG over 130 in months and all of a sudden any time I ate anything, and I mean anything at all my blood sugar would shoot up. I had a week or so over several BG’s in the high 100’s and low 200’s off and on. I thought I might have been getting sick or something, then I missed my period and I am now 12 weeks pregnant. As soon as I got the positive result I changed my basal rates and have done very well since, but those high numbers were the first sign of pregnancy for me it turns out.

While I cannot be a pregnancy buddy, I have a 2 year old and a now 7 month old (4 months adjusted age), who are 20 months apart. Feel free to message me if you have any questions. Best of luck to you!

@nstroh yes we did talk about a month ago when you first found out you were pregnant. I’m glad to see that everything is still going good for you! Hoping these high blood sugars really do mean what I think they mean because this waiting game is brutal.
But yes, I’m in that same boat… every-single-time I eat, I’m going high. And even with foods with barely any carbs!

Erica, I REALLY hope I’m right there behind you!!!

Congratulations! I am about 8 1/2 weeks now and due November 6. I love that we are able to connect here. At what point did everyone first start experiencing insulin resistance?

Hi @Lilburg, I am 16 weeks now and I have not had insulin resistance yet but now that I’m in the second trimester I know it’s coming soon. How have you been feeling so far?

Hello @Nstroh. So far I’ve been feeling fine, just the usual fatigue and nausea. It was just in the last few days that I’ve noticed my numbers running a little higher than usual. And of course today is the worst so far and also the same day I changed my pump so I am in the freaking out mode of ‘Is it the pump messing up??’ or ‘Is it the hormones?’.

Yay for 16 weeks! How are you doing with everything??

Hi Erica,

My name is Renelle. I’d love to be your buddy! I am also due with baby #2 about a month after you. Our son is also 13 months, and will be 20-21 months when his brother or sister is born! I’m a little nervous about having 2 under 2! My first pregnancy went very well, no complications. I was blessed to be a part of an awesome Diabetes in Pregnancy program where I saw my Endo and a MFM doctor together at monthly visits. I sent in pump readings weekly and got feedback on changing settings. Unfortunately, we moved from the area and no longer can be part of that, but I am seeing a perinatologist and Endo frequently as well. So far, my A1c is great, have not been experiencing much insulin resistance yet, but I know it is coming. I’ve been very nauseous for last 8 weeks or so, but hoping that is just about past. Hope you have been feeling well up until this point!

Just FYI, I had a miscarriage in March, so no pregnancy buddies needed right now, but TTC buddies or just plain ol’ buddies welcome! =)

my name is april i have 3 miscarriages im currently pregnant 8weeks n 5 days dued in may 12 i lost my last baby in may i was 3 months hopefullythis one makes it cause my last 3 were cause of my diabetes n a1c levels im so worried