Pregnancy Toolkit is now live on!

I am excited to announce the pregnancy toolkit  which is now live!! Super EXCITING! Especially for this group!!

If  you are living with T1D or expecting a baby, or even just thinking about becoming a parent someday? You’ll be happy to know that JDRF has a new resource just for you! It is a comprehensive guide for future and current expectant mothers and fathers with T1D. The toolkit is free and is available electronically and in print. First, watch our new video about pregnancy and T1D here: and then download the toolkit by going to More information about the launch of the toolkit is available on our website:


Hope you all have a great day!!


So cool!  Thanks!

This is FANTASTIC! I am 10weeks pregnant and a T1 for 22-years. There are so many questions that were answered in the toolkit that I have been searching all over the Internet for weeks to try and find, but wasn't able to in all cases. I feel a lot less anxious now and this will help me prepare as I progress through my HEALTHY diabetic pregnancy.