Pregnant and freaking out

Hi all.

I am not new to this being pregnant and diabetic thing. But for some reason, I am scared out of my danged mind! My first pregnancy was a lot of work but was a breeze. I was around 5 weeks when I found out the first time, so I knew I had to really watch what I ate, drank, etc. This time is no different; I'm around 4 weeks and see my OB on September 16. You'd think that since this is not my first rodeo, my nerves would be calm. But it's exactly the opposite! Have any of you ladies out there had a successful first and second pregnancy? 

I've had T1D for 36 years and my daughters are 13 & 11 now.  They were both born healthy and just above 6lbs each.   Both had low BG right after birth, were given a glucose bolus and were fine thereafter.  

Hang in there!  

My first was induced at 38 weeks and weighed 8 lbs, 9 oz and had low BG as well. She is now 3 and smart as a whip and healthy as a horse. I'm just nervous this time around because I know what's coming. Extra appointments, extra scans (not so bad, actually :)), extra everything (not to mention co-pays and the like). ut all of that is worth it in the end to have a healthy child. Hubby and I have been trying since February and finally got out two pink lines yesterday! I just don't want to screw anything up is all. I think I just need to just chill out!


I want to have a second but, I find myself freaking out of the thought of going through it again. And my 1st was a breeze! I think I subconsciously feel that because number 1 went so well number 2 won't be. I know everything will be fine for you! You know what to do! I am so happy for you! Will let you know if anything happens over this way for us once we start trying again! To be continued!!

Breathe in Breathe out haha