Pregnant and SCARED!

I have been a type one diabetic for about 19 years and my blood sugars have never been under good control, and now I found out that I am pregnant and I am scared. I have been trying really hard since I found out to check my blood sugars every hour and to eat healthy. Well the mornings are causing me to go high after I eat breakfast, I measure everything out and give that amount, but I still go sky high an hour later. I am so nervous that because of this I am not going to have a happy and healthy pregnancy, or I will lose the baby, or it will be still born. I eat cereal for breakfast with milk, is there something better that I can eat for breakfast? Am I going to lose my child because before I found out (I am about 5 weeks) I did not take very good care of my sugars, and now that I am mornings go sky high. Please any advice would be helpful, I just want a happy healthy baby

I tried eating cereal for breakfast, but was way high afterwards, even with fiber one brand. My most successful breakfast food is one serving of oatmeal with walnuts or almonds, cinnamon, and a splenda packet for the sweetness.  I even put a teaspoon of brown sugar or half a banana on it some days.  Also, a one piece of 12 grain bread egg sandwich with a slice of cheese and a piece of fruit are good too.  What I found out is that the cereal doesn't have enough protein to balance out the carbs, so if you increase your protein, maybe that would help!  Congrats on the baby!  Good luck!

Thank you. I am just nervous that I have done too much damage to the baby that it won't be healthy or I will lose it. My AIC was 8.4 last time and now I am taking it very seriously and buckling down but is it too late?

I would recommend eating a piece of bread (I was told to try and find something with at least 6 grams of fiber and less than 4 sugars) with either eggs or peanut butter.  I also like cottage cheese.  I was also told to avoid fruit and milk in the AM - had the same prob with very high morning numbers and I usually ate cereal with berries or oatmeal with berries.  Either way, stressing is probably the least helpful thing you can do right now for you or your baby - trust me i know, easier said than done!  But just try and enjoy this wonderful news, and congrats!  

Thank you, I will go buy whole grain bread and some peanut butter

Congratulations!  I freaked every time my BG was high, and still do.  I typically eat oatmeal with walnuts and 1/2 berries.  When eating this I have to go walk immediately after eating or my BG will spike too high.  If I don't have time to walk, I eat the Healthy Life brand whole wheat bread (It's high fiber and has about 18 carbs for 2 slices) or 1 cup milk  and scrambled eggs with 2% cheese, spinach, and mushrooms.  I don't eat cereal.  My dietitian said it will spike and is hard to calculate.  

I agree with protein, I try to get enough protein at every meal.  I've noticed it helps to stabilize BG.  

Have you talked to a high risk OB?  I recommend seeing one who specializes in diabetes.  

Enjoy your pregnancy!  It is a very exciting time.  But, I do understand being scared and stressed over blood glucose readings.

It's not too late! I found out at 5 weeks also and my a1c was in the 8's. I worked very hard for myself and for the baby! I am now 37 weeks.. my a1c is 6 and the baby is healthy as can be! so far so good. It takes a lot of work since the amount of insulin you need to take is constantly changing but work closely with your endo and you will get results. Don't be discouraged, I started to get that way and realized it would get me nowhere and just caused so much stress. Have faith. This website helped me a lot during my pregnancy.. the women on here give great advice and are here to help others by sharing their own experiences.

Thank you everyone. No I have not been to see a high risk pregnancy doctor as I just went to the doctor yesterday. I do see my endo tomorrow morning and I see a consultant doctor who works with pediatrics to give me loads of information on pregnancy how to overcome morning sickness, dos and donts, and then she is going to refer me to a high risk doctor and is either going to be on team so they can all work together or just let them handle it all

I was in the same boat as you... was 7.7 when I found out I was pregnant, and I'm now 24 weeks with good control. I definitely agree with seeking out a high risk OB/MFM and a good diabetic pregnancy dietician. They were awesome helping me sort out the craziness.

I was told NO cow's milk for breakfast or bedtime snack. The best alternative is almond milk (it's a 'carb-free' food but still gets you calcium). Also, I can't eat cereal at any time of day without spiking. The only breakfast that works for me is a Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich (dietician said an egg mcmuffin is the best fast option). And the protein combo doesn't always work out... I tried Boost w/protein one morning, and super-spiked. The MFM's office told me that it's common with boost...

It will take trial and error, and nothing like when you weren't pregnant, but you'll get through it momma!

Hi!  I have been T1 for 19 years too and just had my first baby in October.  She is completely healthy.

Ditto on the protein.  I pretty much ate the same breakfast every day - 1 slice whole wheat toast with peanut butter.  I ate a snack a couple of hours later (mozarella sticks and wheat crackers, or greek yogurt and a couple of berries).  Eggs and a piece of toast or tortilla were great too when I didn't have morning sickness.  I had a terrific high risk OB-GYN and one of the first things he said was "no fruit, cereal or milk for breakfast."  

I have an awesome pregnancy and was honestly the healthiest I have ever been.  You can do this.  Try not to stress.  Take care of yourself and enjoy this time!

My dietician also told me to eat the same breakfast every day during pregnancy.  So pick something you like. =)  I did an english muffin with peanut butter.

It was helpful because I'd usually see insulin resistance at the beginning of the day and could adjust my insulin right away.  

In your situation you should probably test an hour after breakfast and take a correction bolus if needed.  I did that after most of my meals and it help limit the post meal spikes.

We all have highs and lows during pregnancy.  I really doubt what you've experienced will cause a miscarriage.  

Babies are delicate but they are strong at the same time.  I'm not advocating lax blood sugars, but to give you perspective, I have an acquaintance who had 10+ A1cs through both of her pregnancies.  Both of her children are now healthy, though they needed glucose when they were first born.  

When pregnant I tried my best to have non-diabetic blood sugars.  Target blood sugars of 80 with none below 60 (lows can cause neurological problems).  When I had highs I corrected quickly.  The tight target range took some of the stress off me, because it was a short term goal that I could accomplish quickly.  Much easier than having an A1c at a certain level or thinking of being healthy for 9 months.

Congratulations on your baby!  At your OBGYN appointment you'll probably get to hear the baby's heartbeat!  I know you'll do great in your pregnancy and as a mom.

Take care.  -Jenna

I have read the comments and they are all wonderful advice.  I was having a hard time in my morinings, between high sugars and getting sick it was hard to control.  I was told by my diabetic nutritionist to stay away from cereal, fruit, and milk in the morning.  I have been eating one egg (scrambled) and a piece of wheat toast (10 carbs) I will either eat it with a little butter or peanut butter, with a glass of water.  I then eat a snack about an hour and a half later.  That is usually something that I can count easily, like a granola bar or peanuts, apple sauce (the individual cups).  I will be 12 weeks this saturday, and I can say that my carb ratios have changed almost daily.  The trick is to continued checking.  I was also told about the Dexcom (spelling???).  I am hoping to have this put on me this monday.  It allows you to set your limits on a machine and through a wireless connection it will alert you when you go below your lowest limit (mine is 60) and above your highest (mine is 140).  Then you can follow up with a check yourself.  After talking to the Diabetic educator about this I truely hope I am allowed to have it and that it works.  I am not able to have an insulin pump because my body swells around the port.  Therefore it doesnt work after a few hours.  I am hoping my boby will take to this.  

The most important thing to remember is you are doing the best you can!  Every day will be different.  But the closer you can stay to eating the same thing throughout the day, and write it down to track yourself, the easier it will be.