Pregnant and things aren't going so well, how do I change things now?


I am 27 and have been a T1D for 13 years now. I found out I am pregnant just after getting my A1C checked. The A1C was not good, 9.3. At 7 weeks my OB checked the baby and ordered some more lab request. The baby's heart looked real good and the Dr. said that the pregnancy is a good strong one. I had my last appt yesterday and found out my lab results. I am now 9 weeks along and most of the labs came back good. All except the 24hr urine test. My kidneys are showing a little damage. I have been working on keeping my sugars down prior to me becoming pregnant. I am going WAY low and then up into the 300's at times just after the low. I am in the process of getting a CGM and I am on a pump. My question is, how can I reverse the damage to my kidneys now? I had been sick while I did the 24hr test and the Dr. did say that may have had something to do with all the protein in my urine. He did say that to reverse my kidneys I needed to keep my sugars down. I am trying and doing everything I can think of, but what else can I do to help my kidneys? Has anyone else had anything similar? I keep asking myself what else can I do, and then I keep trying. Any advice? Thanks so much.



Congrats on your pregnancy! 

I think getting a CGM is a great idea for your situation.  Can I ask which one you're getting?  My CGM has been great for seeing when a spike or plummet starts, so I can act before it gets out of control.  I know you'll find that useful for your situation.  Really the best thing you can do (from my own, non-medically-trained perspective) is to keep trying.  Keep testing often - I would dare to say that once an hour would not be ridiculous, since you're pregnant.  (Some days I do that anyway - and I'm not pregnant - yet!)  Write things down - everything - and try to figure out patterns. 

We're all here, cheering you on.  You can do it!!


Hi Mary Martha.....I am not pregnant, nor ever have been.  But I see a nephrologist twice a year due to protein being found in my urine.  It's true that controlling your blood sugar is a good thing to do, but I am also on a few medications for my kidneys/high blood pressure.  I know that being pregnant, you don't want to be on any meds that will affect the baby, but maybe there is/are some that are safe?  Drinking lots of water may help too.  Exercise when you can!  It's probably a good move getting a CGM....then you can know at all times where you are.  The tighter the control the better.  Don't give up!  Congratulations on your pregnancy.  I wish you the best!

Thanks for the support. I am working with Dexcom for their CGM. I am planning on eventually getting the OmniPod pump and OmniPod is trying to work with Dexcom to have a combined system. The OmniPod would also be great for the one fact of not having to disconnect when water is going to be involved. I am hoping to be completing the final steps this coming week for the CGM. What kind of CGM do you have Kim?

I spent the night before last in the ER. I had started to spot a little, so I went to go see if everything was okay with the baby. Everything is great with the baby! The doctors all say that this is a very strong pregnancy. The only thing the doctors could come up with, to explain the spotting, was a urinary track infection (UTI). I did some heavy research after getting back from the ER. I found some supporting evidence regarding UTI's  and the results of the 24hr urine test. A UTI has been known to increase the amount of protein in the urine and alter the test results. I had asked my OB's nurse about my UTI effecting the test and she said no the UTI didn't/wasn't anything to do with the elevated protein in my urine. I see my OB on Tuesday again and I am going to bring it up with him, regarding the research I found, and also ask to redo the test in a couple of weeks. I am not a big fan on water (it always taste so nasty to me), but I have been drinking a lot of water and green tea. I am hoping for some changes.

Oh and the baby is starting to move quite a bit, although I still am unable to feel the movements. In the ultrasound that the hospital did I was able to see the arms and watch the baby move. I have a feeling that at 8-9 months I am going to feel like a jungle gym myself! I will be letting everyone know what happens with my kidneys.

Glad to hear everything is okay now, but sorry to hear you had to visit the hospital.  I use the Dexcom as well! 

Yes, please keep us posted.  We're all routing for you and baby.  :)

Had my appt with my OB today. I am 11 weeks along and the baby is growing normal. He was pleased with everything still. I will be seeing him once a week, every Tuesday, until the end of June. At the end of June he will be switching my care to University of South Alabama, for the high risk factor. My appt there is June 21st and I will let y'all know how things go with me before and after the switch of doctors. Thanks for the support :)

Hi Mary Martha!

So glad to hear the good news about the baby!  WIshing you the best of luck as you move forward in your pregnancy!

My husband and I hope to start trying in July.


We got to hear the heart beat today, with the simple microphone in the office! The baby is doing great and my sugars are getting much much better! I also received the CGM today! I am already seeing a difference! I love calling myself a "cyborg"! 

The doctor is real happy with my blood sugars and said "keep up the good work"! 

I am also blogging the pregnancy . Due to my mothers influence, I am blogging, tweeting, and many other things online now. As if I didn't spend enuf time online already! It is keeping me busy though, since I can't work right now.

I am so looking forward to holding this baby in my arms! I am not sure about the teen years though, lol!

MM, that is great news!  Glad to hear you got your CGM going.  I think you'll find it is a wonderful tool for figuring out what your BG is doing between tests.

Best wishes,


Doctor visit went well this week. Baby's heart beat was great sounding as well! My OB is going on vacation so my next appointment will be in Mobile with the high risk doctors. The CGM is proving it's worth! The only problem I am having is getting it to stay stuck on me for 7 days! This hot humid climate is not good for keeping my infusion sets or the sensor to stay on!

I am in the process of packing, moving, and doing repairs. I have been so tired and my BG's are showing it! they seem to be way low or way high! I am hoping it is just from not sleeping good. I will be done by Tuesday next week so, I am hoping I can get things leveled out then.

I am also starting to feel the baby move around now!

Will keep y'all updated! ;-)


[quote user="MaryMartha"]The only problem I am having is getting it to stay stuck on me for 7 days! This hot humid climate is not good for keeping my infusion sets or the sensor to stay on![/quote]

This has been a problem for me in the summer.  I use a Tegraderm HP sticker and put that down and put the sensor through it.  The Tegraderm stays stuck and the sensor doesn't have sweat on the skin causing it to lose adhesive.  You do have to get the HP version though, it is made for use in water. 

Glad to hear things are going well in your pregnancy.  Keep up the good work!

New doctors and things are looking good so far! I started seeing the high risk doc this past Monday. She is pleased with things for the most part. My last A1C was 7.5, I didn't realize that it had been done since the start of the pregnancy. I was so happy to hear that the A1C in May was 7.5! That is the best number in 13 years! I have my fingers crossed that next month when it is checked again that all this hard work shows!

The baby looked and sounded good. the doc said that the first trimester diabetic women often have the low sugars and that I should see my normal sugars in the second trimester. She was right! First day in the second trimester and my sugars where nothing but high! I have my pump giving me more insulin now and it looks like I have some balance back!

I will start to see the doc that will deliver the baby this coming Monday. The high risk doctor will see me again July 19th and at that time check the baby over real good. Looking at the heart and other organs. 

Each day that passes I get more and more excited! Thanks for all the support and I will be keeping everyone updated as well. :-)


Great job on your A1C!!  Keep up the good work and keep trying to get that number down!  I am so excited for you!  How far along are you?  Keep us posted!

I am now 15 weeks along :-)

That's great news MaryMartha! I'm so happy for you and your improved A1C - I know how awesome it is to see a positive result of all your hard work. 

Congrats on getting into the second trimester - I know that I enjoyed it so much more than the first with my first pregnancy and I can't wait to get there with this one - I'm just SO TIRED every day! lol!