Pregnant and Type 1 - Scared

I have been a type 1 diabetic for over 20 years and I am pregnant with my first child.  I'm currently at 11 weeks.  My a1c is 5.9 and has been for the past 10 years, all thanks to the insulin pump.  My endocrinologist calls me his model patient, which is reassuring. But my OBGYN is calling me a "brittle" diabetic, because lately I've been having lows in the morning at fasting, and my 2 hour post meal blood sugars range from 140-160 and he wants them more at 120.  I explained to him that 120 might be really hard, because I could bottom out with a low an hour later.  He doesn't quite understand how I'm feeling, and he scares me when he calls me brittle,when I've prided myself on being very tightly controlled.  I also see a high risk OBGYN that follows my baby's development and my diabetes alongside my regular OBGYN.  Is my fear and frustration felt by others as well?  All I want is a healthy baby, and I'm so afraid that if I have a high blood sugar that something is going to go terribly wrong.  Despite my damn near perfect A1C!

Get a new OBGYN.  In my experience over the years anyone who uses the term brittle diabetic is clueless about diabetes management.  No diabetic is "brittle".  

I had a great OB when I was pregnant, but once when he was out of town I met with another doctor in the practice.  Despite my 5.1 A1c with no lows, she told me I was brittle because I had a blood sugar of 180 one day.  I asked what her definition of brittle was, and after a protracted pause she told me it was because I'd had D for 28 years.  I told her she didn't know what she was talking about and ended the appointment there.  Don't waste your time on a doctor who you don't work well with and who is not knowledgeable, or at least willing to learn, about diabetic pregnancies.

My son is a perfectly healthy, non-diabetic kindergartener.  There is absolutely no reason why your pregnancy won't be healthy for both you and your baby.  Congratulations on this wonderful time in your life!

I'm in the same boat that your in.  I have also been a diabetic for over 20 years and pride myself on being a well controlled diabetic (last A1c 6.3).  I am currently 10 weeks along and have already fired two doctors because I did not agree with the way I was being "handled".  I felt like even though my blood sugars are darn near perfect that I was on a high risk track just because I was a diabetic.  

I ended up finding a midwife group that works with a high risk doctor and it is a world of difference.  My first appointment with the stupid doctor I walked out crying because I was so overwhelmed.   My first appointment with my midwife I felt great.  I felt like I had someone on my team who is there to support ME!  

Make sure you are working with a team that you trust and understands you as a diabetic.  In the end if your not comfortable it doesn't matter how "good" the doctor is it won't work out for you!

Best of Luck!


Wow! I have the same story! My regular obgyn's thought I was an "uncontrolled diabetic" because they saw a few lows and a few highs. My A1C was 6.1. My specialist had to call them and tell them that things were good and that they didn't need to do an Amnio centisis (sp?) which they were talking about! I had to see the regular ob's b/c the high risk said I wasn't high risk enough and the regular Ob had night hours. Just don't worry. They will scare you not even knowing they are doing it.  The regular doctors don't have as many type 1s and they try to err on the side of caution. Just know this, if your doing what they say, eating well, keeping your sugars good ( I had the occasional highs 300+ and lows 30 ) taking your vitamins and staying healthy-  You have nothing to worry about. My little guy came out perfect!

Thanks for all the feedback.  I took your comments into consideration, emailed my endocrinologist, as well as spoke to the nurse at the high-risk ob office that I see, and they all agreed with me that I need to find a new OB during my pregnancy.  I just filed some new paperwork for an office that handles many type 1 diabetics, and they promised me they wouldn't call me brittle to my face.  Ha!   I'm so glad I wasn't the only one feeling this way.  Your comments made me feel not so alone.  :-)  Hugs to everyone!

Hey there.

I made the switchfrom Humalog to Novalog about 8 months ago based on my doctor's recommendation. She believes that Novolog tends to control blood sugar levels a little bit better overall. I don't know if this is true or not but I made the change and I HAVE seen better overall results. She gave me another reason for trying it out but I honestly don't remember what it was now. 

Good luck.