Pregnant for the 3rd time.....scared

so i just found out yesterday via home pregnancy test that i am pregnant....i have a pregnancy app on my ipod and according to it i am approx 4 weeks and 1 day along....i have had 2 A1c is about an 8%....a lil high for my liking since i am not pregnant...but i am working hard to get it down....i am kinda freaking out because this wasnt nessecarily planned but it wasnt prevented and my fiance have talked about this for a lil while now. he is excited but worried about my diabetes as i am. i have a cousin that found out she is type 2 diabetic and her doctor put her on "progesterone" to help with the amount of hormones nessecary for the baby. i am calling to make an appointment with my doctor on monday and was thinking about asking for progesterone....does anyone know about that? or have experianced the progesterone to help with the pregnancy? any additional information would be greatly appreciated! like i said im freaking out a lil bit....thank you

I believe progesterone can help prevent miscarriages for women who have trouble conceiving or carrying a baby.  It's not necessary for any diabetes-related reason.

If you take any ACE inhibitor drugs to protect your kidneys, tell your doctor right away because they are linked to birth defects.

Good luck.  I hope you have a very healthy pregnancy.


Stay strong. <3 I don't know much about progesterone. But I know the fear that comes with this. It will all work out.

Hello Amanda!! I think  I may have read online something about progesterone helping with preventing miscarriages. I am not too familiar with it yet though. I have never been pregnant but hope to be soon!