Premature Babies

I am 30 weeks along now and my doctor is predicting he will deliver the baby in 2 weeks due to my preeclampsia...I' ve been on strict bedrest for weeks and see the doctor at least 3 times a week. Has anyone else given birth as early as 32 weeks with a healthy baby? I know she will have to stay in the NICU for a while, but I am just worried something will happen to her. The good news is she should be over 5 pounds by then and they will give me steroids to speed up the development of her lungs but it is all still very scary! =(

I was just in the hospital for the last 2 days because of the preeclampsia and they are hoping I will be able to make it just one more week, and then a c section. I am a little scared and I hope everything will be okay.

Having a healthy baby born prematurely is pretty common now.  Because you're baby will probably lower weight he/she will probably have to stay in the hospital for a while.  The good news is that it will give you a chance to recover from your cesarean a bit before you're taking care of your baby full time.  

You'll likely need a premie car seat.  Wait until you baby is born and if he/she is under weight then get the special car seat at Babies 'R Us or another store.  If not, you'll have to buy one from the hospital and they're usually more expensive and not as fancy as a normal seat.  

Back in the late 60's my husband was born at 32 weeks.  He weighed a little more than 4 lb., but within 2 years had caught up in weight and development.  He's now over 6'2" and is one of the smartest guys you'll ever meet.  He's had no ill effects from being born so early.  

Thanks, I am glad to hear a success story. My daughter is estimated to be around 5 pounds by 32 weeks and I am getting an ultrasound tomorrow so they will be able to measure more accurately. I hope she can fit into the car seat we already bought. The neonatologist came to talk to us, and I know she will be in the NICU for a long time but it sounds like she will eventually be okay. It is still very stressful because I know it is not the optimal conditions I would have liked. I can't believe I will be a mother so soon!

Keep us posted! I hope everything turns out good! Best of luck