Prenatal vitamins and DHA

Just got the all clear to try to conceive for the first time (thanks 670G/cgm). My A1C is now 6.9 and I am working hard to get it lower, yay! My endo and the high risk ob didn’t have a preference on which prenatal to take. I’ve been taking Rainbow Light and just switched to New Chapter prenatal and Nordic Naturals DHA. I like the idea of the whole foods based vitamins (despite the price tag) but could use some advice or suggestions if there are any favs out there?? Thanks!

No suggestions as I do not yet have that approval…just wanted to say CONGRATS! That’s huge news!

Thanks Colleen! :hugs: I should mention, about 6 months ago I read, "Pregnancy with Type 1 Diabetes "

I highly recommend this read…the biggest take away for me was getting my “team” together. I switched endo’s to insure integration among my internist, endo, and MFM. I started to see a nutritionist and all parties agreed to start the prenatals well before trying to conceive. You may want to ask your doc about it now. Best wishes!

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Well you’re a ray of pure sunshine! Thanks for the tips, Emily!

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