Preparing for Pregnancy

Hi everyone!
My husband and I have been married for 6 years now, and finally after finishing professional school and starting my career we are ready to start having kids! We have decided that we would like to start trying about 1 year from now (he just started Master’s classes, and we want to get some of those out of the way first).
I was diagnosed in 2009 at 23 years old. I have had my blood sugars very well controlled and my last A1C in March was it’s lowest yet at 5.9%! I am due to go back to the endo next week and I wanted to discuss things with her at that visit.
My question for you all is how far ahead of time did you start to plan your pregnancy? What did you do as far as planning ahead goes? The OB-GYN office I currently go to has a high-risk pregnancy specialist…when should I start to see them? Do I schedule just a consultation to speak with them about things first? I’m kind of lost in all of this, as I don’t know a single person who is also T1D!
Sorry to make this so long, but I really appreciate any help/input you may have. Thank you!

Hi @hnmarie224,

Great A1c! Perfect for Pregnancy! What is your secret! haha…

You can start planning whenever you feel you are ready! The only planning I really had was trying to get my a1c into pre-pregnancy range before and get the OK from the endo. But, unfortunately I never had a baby range number.

You can consult with high risk specialist whenever but, you are in pretty great control already so they probably won’t tell you much on the diabetes side except to stay that way. Give them a call and make an appointment it never hurts to prepare as much as you can.

Ask questions like what you can expect during pregnancy. Write everything down that you have concerns with and bring the list with you when you have your appointment. Even tell your hubby to ask questions too. Husbands play an important role in helping you with your management and keeping you stress free during the pregnancy.

Ask me anything you want anytime!

My son is 19 months now! I feel like a pro LOL!

~ @Gina

We didn’t really plan haha

I went to my endo when I found out and he transfered my care to another endo in his office who has a team (nurses, dietitation, social worker, physio, etc) to handle high-risk pregnancies at the local women’s hospital.

They took over my care within a week and send a referral into the baby doc, along with ordering my dating ultrasound, etc since I don’t have a GP.

I would talk to your endo and find out if they would handle your care while planning and during the pregnancy or if your care would get transfered once you start planning. If they would transfer you like mine did, then I would ask to meet with the team first to discuss what needs to happen, if anything, and when you should talk to specialist like a baby doc, etc.


Thank you @Gina!
I guess one thing that worries me is that I am currently taking Ramipril and Pravastatin which I know I have to get off both of those. I just don’t know how long it will take me to come off those meds safely.
I just moved so I have never even met the endo that I am seeing next week! I am hoping things go well because I want to be able to establish a good relationship with an endo before I go through this whole process.

Thanks again!

Get this book-it’s full of info on what to expect throughout planning, pregnancy, delivery, and new parenthood diabetes-wise!

You already know the basics. Have your blood sugars decent, without lows below 60, and find alternatives for any medications that may cause birth defects.

The Cheryl Alkon book is a good resource.

I had an unexpected pregnancy. At the time I was living healthy and was exercising a lot and eating well, but my diabetes control wasn’t tight and my A1c was around 7 with a pump. I knew I was pregnant right away and got my blood sugars tight. My pregnancy was healthy and my son was born with a normal blood sugar. He’s 8 now and doesn’t have diabetes.

I’m just an average person. There are lots of other type 1 diabetic moms with healthy children like me too. There’s no reason you can’t be a mom.


I started planning about six months before we starting trying to conceive. During that time, I extensively researched the OB offices and hospitals in my area. I checked to see which ones were in my insurance network. My endo office did not manage diabetes during pregnancy so I had to find another one. I used that time to try to lower my A1C and to be more strick with my carb counting. It was about 7 and I brought it down in the 6s. I also knew I wanted to get a pump and cgm. So I did lots of research on those as well. About 3 months before TTC, I got a prescription for prenatal vitamins. Now I just take 2 childrens chewable vitamins (OK per my OB). They taste much better that the chewable prenatals and I can’t swallow big pills. I also bought and read a few pregnancy and diabetes books during this time. I was taking lisinopril for kidney protection and stopped two weeks before TTC. My endo recommends not to take it even if you are not pregnant. I stopped taking my birth control pills a few months before and used an alternate method so I could see what was going on with my cycles. I’m a planner so I wanted to make sure I had time to prepare. Trying to do everything last minute or once I was pregnant would have stressed me.

@natrie This sounds similar to what may happen when I finally decide to get pregnant (a medical team at women’s hospital. I am wondering if we live in the same area (Greater Vancouver/Lower Mainland?) If so I would love to glean some information from you about what I can expect in some of the first appointments. I am not yet trying to conceive because the “responsible side” of me says I should see the doctor first, but honestly I just want to get this pregnancy thing going; my husband and I have waited a long time for me to complete schooling so we are ready!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I am @Perk :slight_smile:
I’d be happy to share some info - DM me?

Hello everyone me and my fiancee have been trying for two years for a baby. And I keep being told cause of my diabetes my A1C stays at 9-10 range as hard as I try to lower it it very hard does anyone else have this problem tips to help me improve so we can conceive soon anything please help!!!

Need some clarification @firewife147
You are being told you can’t get pregnant because of your diabetes and A1C being in the 9-10 range or because of your diabetes your A1C is in that range?

Hi All,
I am type1 past 28yrs and on shots.I am 40yrs.old right now. My last A1C was 8%

My husband is also a type1 for 16yrs.and on shots.He is 42. We have been married for 11+yrs now. We both have decided not to have kids considering it would be problem for our child and coming generations…

Last week I met obgyn for the first time. She told me to be positive and still have hope for me to have baby…though it will be high risk pregnancy specially considering my age.

Here I need your suggestions:

1.Have you ever heard or met any type1 diabetic who delivered first child at age of 42.
2. What complications exacted during the pregnancy…(Pl don’t hesitate mention the worst scenario you have ever heard)
3.Risk to child…
4.Any treatment…like IVF

Pl pardon my English as it’s second language for me.Thanks in advance