Prepping Site

What is the best thing to use in order to prep the site before insertion?  The Animas Rep told us to use IV Prep.  When I went to Walgreens to pick up a box the pharmacist said they're pricey and not necessary.  What does everyone else use?

We do use skin prep for my daughter's sites. Her adhesive has never come loose when we use it and the prep seems to protect her skin from being irritated from the adhesive.

The only thing I use to prep my site is an alcohol swab.  My sites stay in for 4-5 days (I only change it when I run out of insulin).  I've never had a problem with the sites not staying in place (and I do a lot of activities - hiking, running, etc. that involves sweating) or with irritation/infections.   

I don't use anything. I typically change my set after getting out of shower. If not straight out of shower, I will use alcohol swabs. I tried the IV preps when I first started the pump but didn't use them long. The set stays in just fine and I don't have any problems with skin irritation.

We use IV Prep and order it straight from Animas with the rest of our pump supplies. Only recently did I not use and my sons site came loose after 2 days (and usually we have to peal it off after 3). So I will keep using it. One box is $50 but it will last about 6 mos.

I follow a similar routine to what Theresa shared - nothing if straight out of the shower, alcohol swab if any other time.  I run and kayak and don't usually have a problem w/ my set coming off even when wet or sweaty.