My 13 yo just dx March 2022 is going to have gum grafting next week. Endocrine cleared her but surgery at 11 am and has to be NPO 6 hrs prior. Wondering whether to lower long insulin so she doesnt go low before. Has anyone delt with surgery, sedation, NPO. What was your experience? Tips?

If she uses a pump you can adjust her basal rate. I did it when I had my wisdom teeth removed late last year, but I experimented well beforehand to see what would work - your endo can give you guidance if you’re not comfortable doing it. If she takes injections your doctor can give instructions on how much to reduce her basal insulin, or perhaps adjust the timing.
Because of my diabetes I try to schedule my procedures for first thing in the morning (8 or 9) and doctors are usually very accommodating. Thankfully it’s a short fast which is easier than being NPO for 12 hours.

Hi @tkgoodrich welcome to Type One Nation. This really depends if she’s going low all the time. When I went for surgery I used full basal and just fasted. Yes it’s common to reduce basal long acting shot by about 1/3 but you can’t eliminate it entirely. If she goes low you can use glucose regardless of “no eating” instructions because it is 100% absorbed in 15 minutes. Good luck with surgery.

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Thank you. This is a great suggestion.

Yep! I was on a pump when I got my wisdom pulled. I scheduled the appointment as early as I could in the morning and didn’t need to adjust basal for the fast. Was cleared like Joe said to eat gluc tabs or drink clear liquids I believe if I dropped low (sprite). Surgery went fine and didn’t adjust my basal and didn’t drop. I did have to take steroids like an hour or so after too so my blood sugar definitely was elevated for a couple days!