Preteens in Houston area with T1D

Hi. I’m the mother of an 11yo T1D boy who would desperately like to connect with someone his age fighting the same battle he is. Are there any other parents of T1D preteens that would like to setup a local gathering for them all to meet? I feel as though my son would benefit greatly from establishing bonds with fellow T1Ds and knowing he’s not alone.

@Danigirl8807 hi Danielle, have you taken a look at the JDRF chapter for Houston?

You can click here

And put your zip code in.

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I have. Not many events coming up for the kids that I could see. I could always give them a call instead.
Thank you

@Danigirl8807 you might want to try some local endocrinologist’s offices, they may know of other support near you. Other possibilities include camps. I found “Camp Rainbow” on google, through the Children with Diabetes organization.

good luck